Jewish children injured in ritual burning of 'evil' smartphones

Jewish children injured in ritual burning of 'evil' smartphones May 4, 2018

After a number of smartphones were thrown onto a Lag B’Omer bonfire in London’s Stamform Hill, home to a huge community of ultra-Orthodox Jews, a massive explosion occurred, injuring as many as 30 people, mostly children.
The explosion, according to this report, occurred around 10 pm on Wednesday night near the Biala Shul in Stamford Hill, after a rabbi lit the bonfire. The photo above shows one of the victims being treated for facial injuries.
Multiple smartphones had been dropped into the pile of rags prepared for the bonfire, as a statement against the “spiritual corruption” borne by smartphones and the Internet.
The rabbi reported spoke about the evils of the smartphone just before igniting the bonfire, and as soon as the fire was lit, there was a massive explosion and a large fireball.

This report added that medics treated about 30 people at the scene, and some 10 were taken to local hospitals with burns on their faces.

Footage of the explosion distributed by Hatzola, a Jewish volunteer emergency medical service, showed a local ultra-Orthodox rabbi preparing to light a pyre. When he tried to ignite it, however, the pile immediately erupted in flames and sends dozens of people fleeing in panic.
London’s ambulance service said it sent a hazardous area response team to assist Hatzola.
The festival of Lag B’Omer marks the anniversary of the death of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, a 2nd century CE sage. The custom of lighting bonfires to celebrate it has developed over the past hundreds of years and has no basis in religious law.
In Israel, many bonfires were lit for Lag B’Omer despite multiple warnings to refrain from doing so issued by the Israel Fire and Rescue Services, the Health Ministry and even Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – and the fire services had to deal with a number that got out of control.

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  • Mo Bilefone

    So apples continue to be a dire hazard after all this time.

  • Gary Gissing

    If those Rabbis had read an elementary Chemistry book, instead of the brain-mushing Old Testament, they would have known that Lithium (in batteries) is a highly reactive and flammable element. I wish those rabbis were the victims of this explosion. Poor children. Suffering at the hands of despicable creatures who believe in and approve of that vile and revolting book called Old Testament.
    “”Judaism was a religion of blood and thunder. The Lord God of Israel delighted in blood. His worshippers praised him as a god of battles and a man of war. All his favorites were men of blood. The Lord Jahveh was likewise very fond of roast meat, and the smell thereof was a sweet savor unto his nostrils. He had respect to Abel and his bloody offering, but not to Cain and his vegetables. He ordered that in his holy temple a bullock and a lamb should be killed and hacked to pieces every morning for dinner, and a lamb for supper in the evening. To flavor the repast he had twelve flour cakes, olive oil, salt and spice; and to wash it down he had the fourth part of a hin of wine (over a quart) with a lamb twice a day, the third part of a hin with a ram, and half a hin with a bullock (Exodus xxix. 40, Numbers xv. 5-11, xxviii. 7). But his great delight was blood, and from every victim that was slaughtered the blood was caught by the priest in a bason and offered to him upon his altar, which daily reeked with the sanguine stream from slaughtered animals. The interior of his temple was like shambles, and a drain had to be made to the brook Oedron to carry off the refuse.* Incense had to be used to take away the smell of putrifying blood.
    Bible Studies: Essays on Phallic Worship and Other Curious Rites and Customs.Blood Rites. By J. M. Wheeler

  • Jobrag

    Moses left the XI commandment behind, thou shalt not burn lithium ion batteries.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    So… this is just more proof that phones are evil, isn’t it?
    Satan is not powerless, after all. He CAN fight back.

  • cnocspeireag

    I’ve seen many bonfires lit to celebrate Guy Fawkes day in the UK. Watching the video, the explosion looks much like the effect produced by an injudicious use of a volatile accelerant such as gasoline, especially as it seems to have happened very soon after the fire was lit.

  • Vanity Unfair

    To quote from a rechargeable battery I have here:
    Caution: observe polarity. Do not incinerate, disassemble or short circuit.
    Unfortunately, it is only in English.
    How do you get permission to set a bonfire in a public street?

  • 1859

    Who gives a flying fuck about these old, grey-brained bastards who keep their kids in the stone age. I hope their beards were burnt right off and I hope the children who escaped harm and who were harmed will begin to question the intelligence of their elders. However, take note – the old, grey-brained bastards are frightened of smartphones and, more especially, the Internet and there is no winning lottery ticket for guessing why they are so terrified – knowledge, ideas, questions, debate, controversy might just get through to their offspring and begin to help them think outside the prison into which they have been born.

  • Gaurav Tyagi

    @1859,excellent observation by you. Internet and easy access of it on smartphones has scared all religious fundamentalists pastors and priests.

  • andym
    Strong words, but what’s the betting the “legal advice” will be to drop it all quietly?

  • barriejohn

    They ought to take legal action over the poisoning of young minds!