Lawyer says officials in Ghana should cure or jail homosexuals

Lawyer says officials in Ghana should cure or jail homosexuals May 29, 2018

Meet Moses Foh-Amoaning – a lecturer at the Ghana School of Law and spokesperson for the National Coalition for Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Values – who believes homosexuals are mentally ill and should be dealt with by the state, assisted by religious leaders.
According to this report Foh-Amoaning said his outfit would soon present a draft bill to Parliament to deal with the problem of homosexuality in Ghana.
The bill titled a “Comprehensive Solution Based Legislative Framework for Dealing with the Lesbianism Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Phenomenon”, will be presented to Parliament by the end of September 2018.
The bill would effectively provide “solutions” on how to best to “cure” homosexuals or deal with them through the courts if they resist therapy.
Speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in Accra, Amoaning said the bill would be based on knowledge, scientific and empirical research and not just opinions. In that respect it would differ from the false propaganda spread by LGBT rights activists.
Foh-Amoaning said:

The bill will be a researched Afrocentric response to Western European and LGBT groups, who were pushing this act onto African countries.

According to the bill, homosexuals would be grouped into two categories, and the way homosexual behaviours dealt with would depend into which category such individuals fell.

Some become homosexual because of peer pressure, economic reasons, then, the medically affected ones like hormonal imbalance, such people need help, so we would provide such help for them through the Ghana Health Service, by setting up a comprehensive unit that has a psychiatric, psychologist, medical personnel, surgical team, guidance and counsellors then gospel ministers to help them.
But for those who think it is a lifestyle and they want others to get involved, the law will deal with them because we will clearly define what homosexuality is, what LGBT entails, and if they are caught, they will be prosecuted.

Foh-Amoaning said the bill would provide the help needed to “reform” homosexuality. He suggested that those who resisted “reform” would be prosecuted and jailed, but:

Even in prison, we will provide guidance and counselling for them.

He said the National Coalition for Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Values, formed on December 18, 2013, would start the build-up to the release of the bill with a prayer vigil in June then move on to all regions for its regional homosexuality interventions campaign, before finishing in September for a stakeholders conference.
The Coalition is made up of all three major religious bodies in Ghana, represented by the Christian Council of Ghana, the Ghana Muslim Council and Amadhiya community, and traditional rulers.
Last year Foh-Amoaning was reported as saying that homosexuality was purely a psychiatric problem and persons suffering from such a condition must be helped instead of being granted a right to engage in homosexual practices.
He complained  that “a psychiatric problem” was being turned into “to a human rights issue.”
A debate over the country giving recognition to same-sex marriage was stoked after the President, Nana Akufo-Addo, in an interview with international news network Aljazeera, said the country’s culture and tradition, for now, do not allow the legalisation of homosexuality but was quick to add that if public opinion changes, the law may just be amended.
But Foh-Amoaning believes some gay rights advocates are heavily crafting an agenda to fuel the debate.

We have information about the gay community pumping money to journalists to do the propaganda. So there is a lot of money; there is a lot of strategies they have put behind this and that’s why they are putting pressure on our presidents and our leaders.

Hat tip: Leo Igwe

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  • barriejohn

    An “Afrocentric response to Western European and LGBT groups, who were pushing this act onto African countries”.
    The claim that homosexuality is a “western” practice that has somehow been foisted on African nations, to whom it was totally foreign, has been debunked so comprehensively that there would seem to be no point in engaging with this ignoramus. As we all know, it is Christianity’s obsession with “sexual immorality” that has really been forced upon them!

  • AgentCormac

    How can a (totally insane) university lecturer possibly put a draft bill to parliament? Isn’t that the job of elected politicians? It sounds to me like Amoaning and his ‘Coalition’, dangerous as they are, have produced a document which articulates their noxious views and are now, in their conceit, trying to big it up and make it sound like something it really isn’t.

  • Daz


    “When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said, ‘Let us pray.’ We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land.”

    —Desmond Tutu

  • John the Drunkard

    Their inability to question the ‘morality’ imported by Christian and Arab slave-traders is absolutely breath-taking.

  • Angela_K

    “National Coalition for Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Values” What a ridiculous title and non-sequitur. Note they have “family values” in their name which as we all know is their code for anti-gay bigotry. Shame those like this fool refuse to be cured of the mental illness that is religious belief.

  • Joe

    And who is behind the wave of anti gay hysteria in Africa? Well, as some will guess, it is American Christian Evangelists stirring it all up and making money from it. Having lost the “gay is evil” battle in he USA the American Christian Evangelists have turned to a rich mother lode of poverty, disease, undereducation and poor levels of healthcare and basic infrastructure where they can sucker and railroad the stupefied population into fundamentalist christianity. Its a disgraceful hateful and retarding enterprise. There are dozens of articles on the interweb. Here is just one that can be found with 10 seconds effort on Goggle.

  • ray metcalfe

    By the use of the term “family values” do I detect the presence of the some from the usa?

  • barriejohn

    Evidently he is a “legal luminary”. Just read this load of pretentious hogwash:
    Inasmuch as we uphold and respect fundamental human rights of every human being, we are equally against LGBT rights and we at the Ghanaian Times will strongly support moves to reject the imposition of any foreign values on our country.
    What hope for human rights in Ghana?

  • Ate Berga

    1.Can not wait for the ” knowledge, scientific and empirical research “pulled from the parallel universe called “the African Scientific Method”.
    2. Love his reference to “information about pumping money, blah blah” – speculation, or hand over proof as required by point 1.
    3.Science and religion have overrun the world. Dump the one and embrace the other, there is no need for Africa to reinvent science, it could only happen once and it is done.
    As an African, Africa is the continent of discrimination.

  • Vanity Unfair

    [W]e will clearly define what homosexuality is…
    You mean…you know?

  • 1859

    How does this legal ‘luminary’ explain the shagging male lions of Africa? They may not have been in his back yard, but still…
    I guess he will just have to amend his proposed legislation to include the big cats – with help from ‘gospel ministers’ of course.

  • barriejohn

    @1859: Lions, in particular, take great exception to religious nutters telling them how to live their lives. I don’t know whether any of these were gay or not, but hell-deserving sinners they obviously were. Let us all pray for them and their “never-dying souls”.
    Love the comments again!

  • Naija Anarchist

    Mr Amoaning who is (a)moaning about the evils of homosexuality has forgotten he is an albino, many of whom are hunted and brutally murdered for the perceived value of their body parts in preparing charms for protection and prosperity.
    He should be pushing for an end to the beliefs and superstitions which have caused grave injuries and fatalities to albinos in many African countries, and I suspect, his native Ghana, rather than seeking the persecution and prosecution of a group just as endangered and as vulnerable as he is.