Lord Tebbit, 87, throws a wobbly over 'sodomite' dean

Lord Tebbit, 87, throws a wobbly over 'sodomite' dean May 14, 2018

Former Conservative Party chairman Lord Tebbit, a vocal supporter of the Thatcher Government’s vile Section 28 which banned the ‘promotion’ of homosexuality in schools, said he won’t attend Sunday services at St Edmundsbury Cathedral in Bury Saint Edmunds anymore because its new dean, Rev Canon Joe Hawes, is gay.
According to this report, the bigoted old crackpot said:

I find it difficult to accept a sodomite as a member of the clergy who will, for example, be called upon to conduct marriage services. I will struggle to attend if he is officiating.

The Tory peer has been attending  services at the cathedral for nine years.

He said he learned from a newsletter in March that Hawes, above, was going to become the cathedral’s most senior official and is in a civil partnership with Rev Chris Eyden.
Tebbit added:

I just don’t see how he can decently read the marriage service. I stand by what is written in the Bible, which is the basis on which the cathedral was built. It says the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by God.
It cannot be a sin to be born homosexual. It is what one is. What I can’t accept is the activity. I use the expression sodomite.

While Tebbit disagrees with the cathedral’s decision, he said he will continue his financial donations to the church.
His comments have been met with backlash with Ivan Massow, the gay former Tory London Mayoral hopeful, calling for him to be expelled from the Tory Party.
Tory MP Crispin Blunt said:

Lord Tebbit may have a disagreeable surprise at how many cathedrals he has self-excluded himself from.

A spokesman for the Diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich said:

It has been clear for more than a decade that clergy are entitled to be within civil partnerships. Lord Tebbit is welcome to his views.

Tebbit staunchly opposed the government’s decision to legalise equal marriage and said that in doing so the then Prime Minister’s administration had “fucked up”  and would alienate grassroot Tory supporters.
He also claimed that the legalisation of gay marriage would opens up the possibility of a lesbian queen giving birth to a future monarch by artificial insemination.

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  • gedediah

    Oh well, at 87 I guess we won’t have to listen to his bigoted views for too much longer.

  • L.Long

    Worse than a bigot but a LIAR! Sodom was NOT destroyed because of homosexual behavior, as it was condemned because they all acted like the rePUKEians do in the USA gov’mint; meaning who gives a shit about the poor and needy, and children, i think this is mentioned in Isaiah? And the whole homosexual think is a complete miss reading of the culture at that time and because abrahamic religious are the biggest group of raging bigots we know. And if SEX is defined as “that activity that can cause a baby” then the whole Levitikiss thing is pure BS!!! But then when as word definitions stood in they way of bigots!

  • Broga

    Tebbit is a sad case of a man, deluded into thinking his opinions still matter, who has moved beyond irrelevance into the farcical. He damages himself and adds lustre to his target.

  • H3r3tic

    “I stand by what is written in the Bible” – which is undoubtedly why he won’t eat shellfish, never wears clothes woven of more than one fabric, actively participates in the stoning to death of anyone who works on the sabbath and condones the same treatment for any woman who can be shown to not be a virgin on her wedding night. What a complete tool. What he undoubtedly meant to say was, ” this person is engaging in acts with which I disagree and, as such, I will use the authority of a medieval book to take him to task.” Twat.

  • Laura Roberts

    Whenever someone like this old cretin uses the term “sodomite” as if it’s a bad thing, I’m reminded of a line from a comedian I heard years ago. He said that when he came out as gay, his parents were shocked but then his dad asked him, “what exactly do you …do?” His response:
    “You know those things you *wish* Mom would do, but she won’t? That’s what we do.”

  • Angela_K

    Poor old Norman, upset because his church is becoming a little less intolerant. I’ve always liked Spitting Image’s satire of him.

  • AndyM

    A few years ago,I watched him in a programme with Richard Dawkins.He appeared to be unable to follow Dawkins’ argument.I wondered about dementia then.Today ,I am again.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    How come nobody calls them “Gomorrahans” ?

  • AgentCormac

    And it used to be acceptable to use the ‘N’ word when referring to black people. How poor Norm must yearn for the good old days when you could disparage with absolute impunity anyone you liked any way you liked if you were a wealthy WASP.

  • remigius

    It is really a shame to see that Norman Tebbit has become a sad, bitter, bigoted old man . I remember him in the good ol’ days when he was a sad, bitter, bigoted young man!

  • Bubblecar

    He’s a nasty old senile delinquent who should bugger off back to the Bible Lands or wherever he came from.

  • barriejohn

    On your bike, Norman!

  • barriejohn

    Remember this, anyone?

  • Terry

    Such a vile reaction can mean only one thing … a lifelong denial of his attraction to men.

  • StephenJP

    The Diocese says that the clergy are “entitled to be within civil partnerships”. Of course they say that: in a few years they will be telling us that the CofE invented them, and have been in favour of them all along.
    But as far as I am aware the CofE’s present doctrine is that gay clergy in such a relationship should remain celibate. So, although I endorse all the above comments, Tebbit does sort of have a point. Maybe one day the Church will stop being so hypocritical and sanctimonious, and assure us that they expect all their clergy who are married or in civil partnerships, whether straight, gay, both or neither, to engage in sexual congress whenever it suits them. Let’s see how Lord T reacts to that.

  • 1859

    It is truly gratifying to see how this vile, old bigot must be squirming inside when, as he continues his financial contributions to the church, he realises that his money is helping to support gay partnerships within the clergy. How can he sleep at night!?