Outrage as teenage rape victim gets Islamic death sentence

Outrage as teenage rape victim gets Islamic death sentence May 12, 2018

Human rights groups around the world have expressed outrage over the fact that that a Muslim teen in Sudan, Noura Hussein, was sentenced to death this week for murdering husband after he had raped her.
According to this report Hussein had no desire to get married. She was about 16, an aspiring teacher who hadn’t even finished high school. But the Sudanese teenager’s family forced her to marry the man of their choosing, a cousin, against her will. Her family made a contract with the groom’s family, and the marriage was settled.

Hussein refused to accept it, running away to live with a relative in a neighboring city for nearly three years, according to Amnesty International and other activists involved in her case. In April of last year, her family convinced her to return to their home in the outskirts of Khartoum, Sudan’s capital. The wedding was off, her father promised.
It was a trap. Hussein’s family forced her to participate in a wedding ceremony and move in with her arranged husband. And when she refused to consummate the marriage, her husband sought the help of his brother and cousins. The men held her down as her husband raped her, according to activists in Sudan and her lawyer, who spoke to the Associated Press.
The following day he tried to rape her again, her lawyer told the AP. Hussein grabbed a knife from the kitchen and stabbed him to death. Her legal team called it a desperate act of defence. A court in Sudan called it murder.
Late last month, Hussein was found guilty of premeditated murder. On Thursday, she was sentenced to death by hanging. Her legal team was given 15 days to appeal the sentence before the execution, according to witnesses in the courtroom, who spoke to The Washington Post and documented the hearing on social media.
Hussein’s conviction and pending execution prompted an international campaign calling for clemency for the young woman. Across social media, Sudanese activists and supporters in Europe, Australia and Washington have rallied around Hussein. Her case, they say, sheds light on a culture that subjects women to male violence, and a broken justice system that renders many women powerless.
In Sudan, a girl as young as 10 can be legally married with the permission of a judge and a guardian, Reuters reported.
Seif Magango, Amnesty International’s Deputy Regional Director for East Africa, the Horn and the Great Lakes, wrote in a statement:

Noura Hussein is a victim and the sentence against her is an intolerable act of cruelty.

Under sharia law in Sudan, a person found guilty of murder is either executed or forced to pay a fine. Forced child marriage and marital rape are not considered crimes in Sudan, and cannot be used as evidence in a defence. The deceased individual’s family chooses the punishment, demanding either a pardon, monetary compensation or a death sentence. The whole family has to agree on the punishment.
The judge asked the deceased man’s family which option they wanted, and the family chose execution. As the judge granted the sentence, the man’s family began “clapping with joy”, according to witnesses cited by Hussein’s campaign. Outside the courtroom, supporters of Hussein protested with anti-death penalty signs before being “harassed” by state security troops and told to leave.
Hussein’s case is significant, Afrika Youth Movement wrote:

Not only because she is one of the many women in a similar situation – subjected to patriarchal male violence, blamed and abandoned by community, at the mercy of religious laws, without recourse to justice. She is also one the many women who refused to submit to this violence and stood up to defend herself.

Magango, of Amnesty International, said that by applying the “cruel” death penalty to a rape victim, Sudanese authorities failed to acknowledge the violence Hussein endured.

The Sudanese authorities must quash this grossly unfair sentence and ensure that Noura gets a fair retrial that takes into account her mitigating circumstances. Noura Hussein’s life-long wish was to become a teacher but she ended up being forced to marry an abusive man who raped and brutalised her, Now she has been slapped with a death sentence.

Hat tip: Gaurav Tyagi

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  • Broga

    What a wonderful species we are. God’s chosen, fitted up with souls, placed in charge of the planet. Imagine being at the mercy of these sadistic sickos made in God’s image. I haven’t the words for what they are doing.

  • Johan

    This is what you get with the filthy religion Islam.and just dwell on the point that this is a just one case that we know about. Just think how many similar cases go unreported. Hundreds if not thousands I’ll wager.

  • AgentCormac

    As a species we have come so far scientifically, yet we have evolved so little morally. And all religion wants to do is keep dragging us back towards the swamp from which we emerged.

  • andym

    @ AC Agree with the second part but not the first. Take a look at Pinker’s Enlightenment Now. Morally we’ve come a long way;we’re more tolerant,compassionate,less ready to resort to violence,more interested in others’ welfare,more rational, than we were 300, never mind 3000 years ago. But you’re right. There are pre-Enlightenment belief systems, with religion prominent in them, that want to drag us to previous eras, seeing this progress as moral decay.

  • L.Long

    Its a religious theocracy and the religion is abrahamic…and any of the branches are as evil and disgusting as the other. Just because the xtian or jewish branches are better had hiding their evil BS and most of the members are somewhat more civilized does not change the base, core beliefs in their books o’BS. NO religion that I have seen to date deserves any respect!!

  • Johan

    Andym. Yes. But with the exception of islam which retards, beggars and incites the most ruthless cruel and atrocious barbarism just as it has always done since that bloodthirsty murderous genocidal child raping thug mohamed slashed, burned, raped and pillaged his way across the Levant.

  • Cali Ron

    Johan : Islam is not the only religion that is an exception, most religions lead away from compassion for our fellow man and divide the world into us and them, leading to war, death, etc. Man has grown more civil in spite of religion, not because of its influence.
    As for ‘slashed,burned, raped and pillaged’ could refer to Christianity, Jews taking the Holy land, Americans treatment of native American Indians , Britain’s conquest of the world. … I could go on for hours. Man’s inhumanity to man is well documented. Islam is just a tool that can be used for good or bad like any religion or political party. Parsing out who is most heinous seems like an exercise in futility. All religions suck, especially when used for nefarious purposes.

  • 1859

    @ Barry/Gaurav – could you keep us informed (if poss.) about what happens to this young woman? It’s the sort of report that tips me into such impotent despair, especially when I see religion is yet again wielding the knife. If this woman is executed I would see her blood as a stain on all religions.

  • Gaurav Tyagi

    @1859, Noura Hussein should be pardoned however, for this to happen the political leadership of Sudan has to act. The million dollar question is would they do it and antagonize their religious fundamentalists?
    The other day, I chatted with a close friend of mine, who is a Nigerian based in Nigeria. I said that its so weird to see Africans fighting over religion, when both Islam as well as Christanity were imported into the African continent.