Christians get their panties in a twist over giant Monroe statue

Christians get their panties in a twist over giant Monroe statue June 10, 2018

The placement of a 26-foot statue of Marilyn Monroe directly in front of a church in Stamford, Connecticut, is being slammed as ‘disrespectful’.
According to this report, First Congressional Church member Michael Dagostino said:

If God had something to say, he probably would’ve sent a bolt through it.

The biggest complaint being voiced by those opposed to the statue – created by artist Seward Johnson to replicate Monroe’s iconic dress scene above a subway grate in the movie The Seven Year Itch – is that her arse faces the church.
Another church member, Pam Riley, huffed:

It’s disrespectful to the church. Her skirt is up in the air and everyone’s under there looking up her skirt.

Other residents are complaining that the gigantic statue, weighing nearly 30,000 pounds, is inappropriate.
Lorri Tamburro said:

I just find the position to be offensive. It was, in my eyes, very disrespectful.

City officials have reportedly received several phone calls complaining about the statue, especially as children are climbing up the model’s legs.
But not all residents are disturbed by it. One nearby resident, Marilyn Lodato, who was named after the famous actress, said:

This is an iconic pose. This art is incredibly well done from the details on her toenails to the shoes. I don’t think that it’s so offensive … I think it honours her.

“Forever Marilyn”, according to this report, is one of 36 statues by Johnson that are on loan and on display in the downtown area through the summer. They’re part of the city’s annual Art in Public Spaces program. All the statues except Marilyn are life-size and depict people doing everyday activities.
The response to Marilyn and the other statues has been overwhelmingly positive, said Sandy Goldstein, President of the Stamford Downtown Special Services District, which is hosting the exhibit along with sponsors including real estate finance firm UC Funds.
Goldstein noted there are many nude statues outdoors in Europe – and near churches – that are accepted by the public.

It is art and we don’t believe it is offensive. We absolutely mean no disrespect to the church.

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  • Ate Berga

    The Statue is in bad taste. I like the “iconic” photo, but the backside view, surely, was never photographed?

  • L.Long

    You all bigots find your are disrespected by your sexual repressive obsession?? COOL!!! Then it is in the right place!!

  • Angela_K

    “Her skirt is up in the air and everyone’s under there looking up her skirt.” Well don’t look up there you Christian pervs, at least she is wearing “big pants”and not “mooning”.

  • AgentCormac

    If God had something to say, he probably would’ve sent a bolt through it.’
    In that case, god clearly doesn’t have something to say about it.

  • Italian Scallion

    You know, it’s time for these Christian assholes to start growing up. I’m glad that her rear faces the church, very appropriate. Once again, I say, “Ban “ALL” religions as they are the most evil things on this planet.”

  • Jobrag

    That looks really tacky.

  • andym

    Jobrag.It does doesn’t it?
    It always makes me laugh when these people use “disrespectful”. Yeah, and you really show respect to those who don’t share your brand of woo.”Heathen,” “Pagan”, “Infidel” “Blasphemer”, “Damned.” All such RESPECTFUL terms for other beliefs.

  • Broga

    “Her skirt is up in the air and everyone’s under there looking up her skirt.” It’s not real. It’s a statue. Somebody tell them.
    No complaints about the bleeding, emaciated, tortured, writhing in agony figure of Jesus outside so many RC Churches?

  • AgentCormac

    Very good point, Broga. The horrific icon which christians love to display everywhere (even on gold chains around their necks) is beyond criticism or reproach and must be revered at all times. When actually it’s a sadistic totem that’s used to terrorise children and remind adults of the cruelty of their deity. The image of a beautiful woman is, however, both repulsive and ‘disrespectful’ (despite the claim that their god apparently designed the human form). Just shows how warped the minds of the faithful can become once the cancer of religion has had chance to gnaw away at them.

  • 1859

    @broga ; my thoughts exactly – and don’t forget Jesus is almost entirely naked and propped up high for all to see – even children! I wonder how many sexually repressed nuns have been turned on by their naked jesus – after all they are supposed to be his ‘bride’ , n’est pas?

  • barriejohn

    I don’t think it’s tacky at all. I agree with the resident, that it shows a world-renowned actress in an iconic pose – though it would be a striking artwork in any case. Maybe a contender for Trafalgar Square!

  • Great Satan

    What are they complaining about ? – when they come out of church they will see the face of God !

  • barriejohn

    Great Satan: Moses was allowed to view God’s nether parts!
    “And the LORD said, Behold, there is a place by me, and thou shalt stand upon a rock: And it shall come to pass, while my glory passeth by, that I will put thee in a clift of the rock, and will cover thee with my hand while I pass by: And I will take away mine hand, and thou shalt see my back parts: but my face shall not be seen.”
    (Exodus 33:21-23)
    What all that means I have no idea.

  • Broga

    barriejohn:: It must have a sexual connotation. Everything else has. Perhaps some ancient tribal leader was gay and insisted on being serviced by any of the tribe who passed.
    Perhaps we can have an explanation from our Christian visitors to this site who know explicitly and in detail what God wants.

  • Michael Glass

    For the sake of your international readers you should give the height of the statue in metres (about 7.9 metres).That’s almost as much as the sea level will rise if the ice cap in Greenland melts.
    If the ice cap in Antarctica melts the sea level would rise about 60 metres.That would really rearrange the real estate! it would also drown out any complaint about the statue!

  • Robster

    What about these Christians and their dead Jesusus, dangling off sticks, just about everywhere? There are zillions of deceased deities everywhere. Yet they whinge about ‘A’ Monroe statue, without nails through her hands, without sword injuries or the other violet stuff so loved by the dead Jesus supporters, adorning their dangling deity. Fair’s fair.

  • Cali Ron

    To bad she wasn’t wearing a thong under that dress, the christian men would be drooling down the front of their Sunday ties, all hot and bothered by god’s creation. “We’re getting excited and feel good, this must be bad and god will punish us.”