Judge hears sadistic Catholic nun confess to child cruelty

Judge hears sadistic Catholic nun confess to child cruelty June 6, 2018

High Court judge Lady Smith, above, who is heading the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, this week heard a 77-year-old nun admitting to a series of cruel acts she inflicted on orphans.
According to this report, the nun, who unfortunately cannot be identified, apologised to those she “mistreated” at Nazareth House homes in Aberdeen and Lasswade, Midlothian,
She worked at the Catholic-run orphanages from 1963 until 1980 and said she could lose her temper “on some occasions”, but denied a litany of other allegations made against her.
However, under questioning by Colin MacAulay, senior counsel, she admitted punching a girl on the head and body, and striking her with a hair brush.
MacAulay added:

Do you accept then that you did seize hold of her by her hair and drag her around the corridor?

She said:


The same reply came when MacAulay asked if she had ever force-fed a child or pushed a girl to the ground from a swing.
Her admissions were in relation to two children in separate homes.
It was heard a child was force-fed dolly mixtures as a punishment after sweets had gone missing.
When asked why others had come forward with accusations, which she denied, the nun broke down in tears and said:

I don’t know.

A statement she submitted to the inquiry said her care for some children at the homes amounted to them being “mistreated”.
MacAulay then asked her if she would describe the treatment as cruel.
She said:

I would now.

The inquiry before Lady Smith in Edinburgh continues.

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  • AgentCormac

    When asked why others had come forward with accusations, which she denied, the nun broke down in tears and said:
    I don’t know.
    Actually, yes, you do know: because you were a sadistic old bitch who thought you could get away with absolutely anything. You believed the criminal organisation for which you worked was above the law and you could do whatever you wanted to with total impunity. But guess what, sister – times they really are a-changing. And the crimes you and your church committed will and must be paid for. Save your crocodile tears for some god-forsaken prison cell.
    Oh… perhaps I’m forgetting that we are all innocent until proven guilty. However, in this case I very much doubt that I’m wrong.

  • Broga

    I’m not surprised. Why cannot she be named? Who was her immediate superior?
    Helpless orphans. Suffer little children. I would like to hear if she thought her omniscient God was watching. What does this say about the real beliefs of priests and nuns?

  • gedediah

    @Broga – sure she thought her god was watching, and approving. Spare the rod, spoil the child.

  • Terry

    There are thousands like her and worse. This is the RCC. This is what the RCC does.
    Strict enforcement of celibacy on dysfunctional people (as you have to be to be a priest or nun) ingrains very nasty mental disorders resulting in extreme sexual frustration, extreme guilt (because of the inevitable but forbidden “dirty disgusting unholy onanism”) self hate, resentment, jealousy and bitterness. Their outlet is of course violence and cruelty to those in their care. The guttersnipes off the streets, from broken homes and from the direct result of catholic attitudes to unlicensed sex, fallen women and bastard children. The whole sorry mess is can be fully and clearly understood from the pressure cooker of catholic sexual attitudes and rules.

  • StephenJP

    We should acknowledge that there are plenty of non-religious institutions where people have taken advantage of their position of power and authority to exploit and abuse children who are supposedly in their care, from local authority children’s homes to sports coaches. Sadly, this is what some people are like.
    But it does seem to be the case that religious institutions provide extra opportunities for people who are controlling, punitive, sadistic or worse to indulge their appetites – or order others to do so. If my sums are right, this nun was 22 when she started work in the orphanage, and I bet she had next to no training. She was probably just obeying orders. I trust that some of those who actually ran the Nazareth Homes are still alive and capable of being held to account.

  • barriejohn

    I think Terry has more or less nailed it here, and there’s not much that can be added to what he has said!