Muslims force removal of Saudi flag from World Cup bunting

Muslims force removal of Saudi flag from World Cup bunting June 6, 2018

When UK brewery giant Greene King decided to decorate its pubs with World Cup bunting, it had no inkling that such an act would annoy Muslims.
Why? Because the flags of the 32 competing nations included one from Saudi Arabia, which proclaims:

There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Prophet.

And you can’t put a flag with an Islamic religious message anywhere near a pub because Muslims will have no truck with alcohol.
According to this report, Greene King first learned that it had trouble on its hands when complaints were made by London Muslims about the bunting on display at the Air Balloon pub in Bristol.
The brewery took fright and decided to cut the flag from bunting at ALL of its pubs. It owns more than  3,000 in the UK.
The flags of six other Islamic nations which are competing in the World Cup – Iran, Egypt, Senegal, Morocco and Tunisia – remain in the bunting because none feature Islamic text.
A Greene King spokesperson said:

To celebrate the World Cup, we have been displaying the flags of the participating nations to promote what we hope will be a great tournament for all.
Following feedback from some customers in London about displaying the Saudi Arabia flag in a pub, we understand it was inappropriate as it contains the religiously-significant Islam Shahada in Arabic and so we have removed it.

Customers? Surely not.
In reporting this story, the BBC managed to avoid any mention of Muslim outrage, and referred only to “customers”. It did point out, though, that:

The Saudi flag carries the Shahadah – the Muslim profession of faith.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn
• The photo used to illustrate this piece was found on Amazon UK, which is selling the bunting with the Saudi flag intact.

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  • AgentCormac

    I’d hate to be a muslim. What a joyless, dour, dreary, depressing religion it is.

  • Brummie

    Interesting to see how much tap-dancing the BBC does to avoid mentioning Islam or religion when reporting incidents, even when they are the prime source of such incidents.

  • Cali Ron

    Ironic that they called the offended Muslims “customers ” since they don’t drink so don’t actually patronize the pubs. Also stupid that they care what is on the bunting in an establishment they don’t go to. Ideed, AC a joyless religion.

  • andym

    Alcohol is only one source of income.Increasingly, pubs make money from meals, hot and cold non-alcoholic drinks etc. Does this mean that any venue associated in some way with sales of alcohol will be targeted? I’m thinking particularly of supermarkets, but restaurants, village halls. Do airports with their numerous bars display that flag? Are vendors of non-halal meat allowed to display that flag?
    Shame on Greene King for kow-towing so quickly. Even looking at it financially, there might have been short and long term gains from standing firm.

  • Stonyground

    This is one occasion where I think that standing firm Isn’t really required. Take the flag of the odious Saudi state off the bunting, who cares?

  • Tel

    Muslims … bullies with hair-trigger sensitivities. And muslims ache to find things they claim to find offensive just to make their presence felt. Well HALAL offends me so should I threaten violence on any premises that sells HALAL meat?

  • StephenJP

    @Tel, you could just not buy it! I understand, for instance that all New Zealand lamb is halal (because they flog so much to the ME). So stick to Welsh lamb (or your local farmer’s market). A win all round!

  • gedediah

    Morons. It’s fobidden for muslims to associate the Shahadah with alcohol. Non-muslims are under no such obligation. Why would muslims be in the pubs to see it, anyway?

  • Club Secretary

    I wonder what they did with all those cut out Saudi flags?
    A possible ticking time-bomb methinks, suggestions on a postcard.

  • AJ

    What a world we have created in the West… one where we live in fear of “offending” those of a violent religion who are prone to violence when they sense the opportunity to be offended. And told to believe, on pain of arrest for the offence of offending, that we are the better off for it.

  • barriejohn