Tennessee pastor arrested for attempted rape of a young girl

Tennessee pastor arrested for attempted rape of a young girl June 2, 2018

William E ‘Tim’ Smith, Jr, pastor at the Tennessee Church of God in Palmer, has been suspended by the church following his arrest this week for the attempted rape of a girl aged 12.
According to this report, the church is asking for prayers for all concerned.
In a statement it said:

On June 1, 2018, Tennessee Church of God State Office officials were informed that William E ‘Tim’ Smith, Jr, pastor of the Palmer Church of God in Palmer, Tennessee, has been charged with attempted rape of a child.
In keeping with the ecclesiastical polity of Church of God, the Tennessee Church of God Administrative Bishop, Reverend Mitchell E Corder, Jr, has placed Tim Smith, Jr, on administrative leave and suspended him from all ministerial activities on June 1, 2018, pending investigation and disposition of these charges.

Our concern and prayers go out to all involved in this matter.

An arrest report published here says that police found the pastor lying on top of the girl in a truck in a wooded area. He had his pants pulled below his buttocks. Smith told the girl to tell the police she was 18. The arresting officers said Smith insisted he had done nothing wrong, and “showed no remorse”.

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  • Broga

    “Some of them are defending the pastor and calling him a good man.” A bottle of pills was found in his possession. He told the girl to say she was 18. The cops said he showed no remorse.
    I wonder what he would need to have done to be called a bad man? The usual prayers are being “asked for all concerned.”
    Someone else may choose to comment on this. As a mere atheist I am stuck.

  • tonye

    What I would consider as a genuine miracle would be a ‘man of god’ who could go through his life without trying to abuse someone.
    I won’t hold my breath,

  • Club Secretary

    This is obviously a case of a good man led astray by the the temptation of a young strumpet sent by the devil.
    It is not his fault, it’s the fault of the girl, gays, atheists, lack of religion in schools and probably Hillary Clinton.

  • AgentCormac
  • Broga

    @Club Secretary : That is it. Thanks. I should have figured that out for myself. I have heard it often enough from other victims.