Imam faces jail time over hate sermon in Danish mosque

Imam faces jail time over hate sermon in Danish mosque July 25, 2018

In the first case of its kind in Denmark, prosecutors yesterday charged Imam Mundhir Abdallah, above, with inciting hatred of Jews.
A case, according to this report, was made against Abdallah using a new criminal code on religious preaching introduced on January 1, 2017.
Abdallah, who preaches in the Copenhagen neighbourhood of Nørrebro at the Masjid Al-Faruq mosque, which media have linked to radical Islam, is accused of citing a hadith or koranic narrative calling for Muslims to rise up against Jews.
Abdallah said in a Facebook and YouTube video post in March:

Judgement Day will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them.

Public prosecutor Eva Rønne said in a statement:

These are serious statements and I think it’s right for the court to now have an opportunity to assess the case.

Rønne said it’s legal to quote religious books like the Koran and the Bible, but that inciting or welcoming the killings of people could be punishable by up to three years in prison.

It has always been illegal to accept killings of a certain group of people, but it’s new for us to target hate preachers.

The case will be brought before the Copenhagen district court but no trial date has been set, the prosecution said.
Denmark’s Jewish community, which filed a complaint over the imam’s speech in May this year, welcomed the prosecution’s decision to press charges.
The community’s head Dan Rosenberg Asmussen told TV2 that “there was no doubt about the intentions” of the imam’s statement.
“It was deeply worrying,” Rosenberg added.

Minister of Immigration and Integration, Inger Støjberg, above, who has been outspoken against Islamic practices in Denmark, has described the imam’s address as:

Horrible, anti-democratic and abominable.

After complaints were made about his sermon, Abdallah played the victim card, saying he was the victim of a conspiracy:

Politicians in the West and the media never stop attacking Islam and Muslims. Their propaganda never stops. Muslims are the real victims, not others. Our women our being attacked, our mosques are being burned.

The imam, who lives in Lebanon and has family in Denmark, added that he does not believe he has any responsibility to prevent antisemitism in Muslim communities.

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  • gedediah

    Our group is being criticised so that makes it ok to attack other groups. Don’t think so.

  • L.Long

    This is a good start, now arrest the xtian preachers from the various cults, and hate speech will decrease or go underground. As far as I’m concerned if ‘kill jews’ is hate speech, so is ‘obey or you go to hell’ is too! So put most all religious preacher types in jail, they are at least more criminal than pot smokers (in USA).
    But honestly I don’t advocate hate speech as a crime, hate actions are a crime, and hate speech shines a light on those listening to it as possible ‘hate do-ers’

  • John the Drunkard

    ‘It has always been illegal to accept killings of a certain group of people, but it’s new for us to target hate preachers.’
    But every ‘Abrahamic’ preacher is dealing with books that advocate killing ‘certain groups.’
    Is Rønne going to be the content filter for the Tanakh, New Testament, Koran, Hadith?

  • Broga

    Richard Dawkins: “We are all atheists for every religion except our own. I go one step further.”

  • Robster

    The silly twit will have nothing to offer the assembled rabble without a tasty dose of religiously sanctioned hate, good on the authorities, the sooner this nonsense is labelled as hate speech and actioned against, the better.

  • Maggie

    How about just straight banned the Koran and the Bible (et al) for the hate speech they contain? Please?