Mom objects to abused girl's placement with a gay couple

Mom objects to abused girl's placement with a gay couple July 27, 2018

A Wisconsin mother, Michaela Sousa , above, brutally abused her infant daughter in 2016. The child was subsequently placed in the care of  foster parents – two gay men.
This week, at a sentencing hearing at Buffalo-Pepin County Circuit Court, Sousa voiced her objection to her daughter’s placement with the gay couple. She told judge James Duvall that she had been attempting to raise the child through a “life of God” and that the men could not provide the parenting direction she could.
Sousa said she feared the child would develop mental disabilities if forced to live without her.

I’m not meaning to offend anyone. I’m just being realistic.

This cut not ice with judge Duvall, who called the case one of the worst examples of child abuse he’d ever seen. He said he was appalled at her assertion that her daughter is under threat now. In sentencing Sousa to eight years in prison, Duvall said:

They are more of a parent than you have demonstrated in your life. I want her to grow up not knowing you.

Sousa was charged with abuse in 2016 when her baby was just four months old.
Doctors said the baby had abusive trauma to the head more than once, causing bleeding on the brain.  She also suffered from a spinal injury, haemorrhaging of the retinas, and a spinal injury.
Investigators said her mother lied to them numerous times. She said the injuries could have occurred when her toddler dropped the baby, and when she fell several inches from a baby swing.

Sousa later told police she had been involved in almost daily domestic violence with her boyfriend.
She then described getting in a tug of war over the baby with him, and said they had been fighting on the bed where the baby was laying, and that both of them may have accidentally struck the infant.

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  • CoastalMaineBird

    Religion poisons everything.

  • L.Long

    Coastal-don’t be so nice….Religion KILLS everything!!

  • CoastalMaineBird

    the men could not provide the parenting direction she could.
    There’s truth in this.

  • AgentCormac

    Having brutally abused her daughter, Sousa is hardly in a position to claim to know what’s in the poor child’s best interests. And as for fearing her daughter might develop mental disabilities, surely Sousa and her retard boyfriend have done more than enough damage in that department already.

  • andym

    Sometimes, stories on here make you think,”I’ve heard it all now.” Unfortunately,you never have.

  • Robster

    Translation-Expecting exoneration after summoning the baby Jesus in an overt attempt to yet again bear false witness. Hardly unexpected, I suppose.