Pride events 'belittle' Catholic Church & make it look foolish

Pride events 'belittle' Catholic Church & make it look foolish July 24, 2018

A pro-gay Scottish priest has incurred the wrath of the Bishop of Motherwell, Joseph Toal, above, for supporting gay pride events.
In rebuking Father Paul Morton – who recently attacked fellow priest Father Mark Morris for organising a rosary of “reparation for the gross offence to God which is Pride Glasgow” – Toal said in a letter:

I take issue with Fr Morton’s uncritical approval of the Gay Pride marches. Footage of any such marches often show people dressed as priests and nuns with the clear intention of belittling and making a fool of the Catholic Church.
I understand why they engage in this tomfoolery but for me and other Catholics it creates a negative impression and probably a dislike of such events. I don’t agree therefore with Fr Morton’s uncritical approval of activities which mock the Church of which he is a public representative.
We do need to support and minister to those in our Church who experience same-sex attraction but we can’t deny the Church’s teaching and throw in our lot with those who do s0.

Fr Paul Morton wore a rainbow tie to campaign for  an inclusive LGBT school curriculum in Scotland in 2018. Photo: Tie Campaign/Facebook
In an open letter to Morris – who was sacked from his role of chaplain at Glasgow Caledonian University for his homophobia – Morton said:

You should know that not everyone shares your views either about this event or about LGBT people. Many have especially come to see Pride as an event that is both a culturally liberating and joyous moment in the lives of people who identify in this way.

Morton’s online “open letter” infuriated Scottish Catholics already distressed that Morris had been sacked.
Morton has made a name for himself as a Catholic priest who supports LGBT inclusion in education in Scottish schools.
Bishop Toal explained in his letter that Morton did not ask him for permission to write his open letter. Toal said he “took issue” with the priest’s “uncritical approval” of homosexual pride marches.

While Fr Morton feels justified in telling Fr Morris that he should have sought the permission and support of his Ordinary before having the Rosary in Reparation for the Gay Pride Gathering, I don’t see him applying the same rule to himself in regard to seeking my permission, as his Ordinary, in writing his open letter to Fr Morris. Fr Morton chooses therefore to speak on this matter as an individual and he does not represent me nor the Diocese of Motherwell.

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  • Charles Duckworth

    Bishop Toad looking at that picture. Fr. Morton is compassionate and is moving in the right direction. The RCC are just an awful gang.

  • Barty

    ‘with the clear intention of belittling and making a fool of the Catholic Church’.
    And what is wrong with ridiculing the RCC? Fucking grow up and get used to the fact that your beloved RCC is losing its grip over people now that people are realising that the RCC is an abomination and a blight on humanity. The RCC is a highly organised global crime sydicate and peadophile ring.The least of its worries should be decent folk taking the piss out of it. Decent folk are becoming ever more keen on taking legal action against the RCC. And personally I ache for the day when the RCC feels the full weight of law against it. Until then I will ridicule and criticise it and all of its priests. They are all complicit in the crimes.

  • Dianne Leonard

    Just BTW, the organization that this idiot accuses of “dressing up like priests and nuns” and “making fun of the church” are the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, who are an activist group that performs community service, at least they do here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I understand that there are other chapters elsewhere. They aren’t “mocking” anyone. They are doing the sorts of things the RCC should do, and isn’t. People here have a very good impression of them–based on what they *do*, not on pompous preaching. I don’t know if the Sisters are ex-catholics, but the RCC definitely deserves to be taken down a peg or two.

  • AgentCormac

    Belittling the RCC is a start. But dismantling should be the ultimate goal.

  • Broga

    “I understand why they engage in this tomfoolery.”
    Such as men dressing in gaudy skirts, claiming to eat flesh and drink wine which keep being renewed, insisting that prayers curing illnesses are answered by Mother Theresa from heaven, a married woman is still a virgin and is impregnated by a god, a man walks on water ……………. I could go on. What a berk.

  • Vanity Unfair

    …the clear intention of belittling and making a fool of the Catholic Church.
    This sort of contretemps usually makes me think of Spike Jones and his City Slickers, a band of talented musicians most famous for taking high quality popular songs and well-known classical music and subjecting them to ridiculous arrangements that would make their composers blanch. The odd thing is that the music itself never really suffered. You cannot kill a good tune. “Laura” is still a thrilling (using the correct sense) song and Ponchielli’s “Dance of the hours” a memorable experience. Incidentally, I do know that “Laura” did not originally have words. Offhand I can think of only two occasions when Jones set out to mock his subject. These are the amended lyrics to “You always hurt the one you love” which is aimed at the “blackface” song style and “Der Fuehrer’s face” which supposedly earned him an entry in Hitler’s “Black Book”, than which there can be no higher praise.
    Thank you for your attention.
    The point is that you can only extract the michael when it is present and only debunk a subject that is bunk.

  • sailor1031

    So that’s where the Unibrow went. I was worried after Leonid Brezhnev died that it might succumb from lack of nourishment. Glad to see it found a parasite to parasitise and is looking as good as ever.

  • Robster

    The Vatican’s Scottish outpost, like all the others, really doesn’t need our or any help in their attempts to look silly or foolish, they do an exemplary job of that without any outside assistance and should pat themselves on the back, with our blessing in appreciation of the never ending gobsmackingly mirthful entertainment they and theirs provide, often with a straight face.

  • gedediah

    Good for him. Guess why it’s so easy to make the RCC look foolish. You got it.

  • Matthew Carr

    …and the Catholic church doesn’t need any help belittling itself and making it look foolish.