'Strip Mother Teresa of Indian honour,' says BJP politician

'Strip Mother Teresa of Indian honour,' says BJP politician July 16, 2018

Subramanian Swamy, above, a senior Bharatiya Janata Party MP who has attacked Mother Teresa for her efforts to ‘Christianise’ India, is now calling for her to be stripped of India‘s highest civilian honour, the Bharat Ratna (Jewel of India).
According to this report, his call last week came after Indian authorities busted a baby-trafficking racket in a shelter run by the Missionaries of Charity, the religious order set up by the late Albanian-Indian missionary in 1950.

Swamy said  the award should be rescinded if the Missionaries of Charity group is found guilty.
He said his stance wasn’t merely influenced by the baby-trafficking scandal, saying he saw it as the last straw in a long line of criticisms levelled at Mother Teresa over many years.
He cited her loyalty to the late American financier Charles Keating, who was convicted of swindling millions of dollars from small investors in the 1980s — Teresa’s charity benefited greatly from Keating’s donations, and she even wrote to a California Superior Court judge seeking clemency for Keating on account of his being “kind and generous to God’s poor,” according to a letter published by Christopher Hitchens in his book, The Missionary Position.
Keating was sentenced to 12 years and seven months in prison, but only served a third of the sentence before his conviction was overturned on a technicality. He died in 2014, two years before the Catholic Church pronounced Mother Teresa a saint.
Swami said:

If you have multiple examples of criminality by Mother Teresa, why should she be a person who should be celebrated in our country? We are not rubbishing the entire [Mission]. We are rubbishing the so-called ‘saint’ status of Mother Teresa.

Members of the Missionaries of Charity carrying a portrait of Mother Teresa when she was made a saint in 2016
In 2013, a trio of Canadian academics published a scathing critique, titled The dark side of Mother Teresa, in which they said her beatification was at odds with her true character.
Their review, published in the journal Studies in Religion/Sciences Religieuses, listed a number of allegations.
They included Mother Teresa’s tendency to glorify human suffering at the cost of providing proper care to the poor, her ties with dubious political figures (including the Haitian dictator Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier), her dogmatic stance on abortion, contraception and divorce, and her habit of being:

Very generous with her prayers, but rather stingy with millions of her foundation in the sufferings of humanity.

Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal state (which includes Kolkata) and a political rival of the BJP, accused the BJP of being “malicious” in trying to tarnish Mother Teresa’s reputation.
A spokesperson for the Missionaries of Charity described the allegations as “nonsense.”
On Saturday, Indian police shared a clip of a nun confessing to the sale of three babies.
Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas of Ranchi criticised the manner of ongoing investigation amid attempts to systematically malign the charity set up in 1959. The police, he said, are:

Treating the whole of Mother Teresa’s organisation as a criminal gang.

The top church official also asserted that the nun is innocent and she had told her lawyers that the confession claimed by the police was extracted under pressure.

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  • H3r3tic

    Oh, well done the BJP! Only 13 or so years after Hitchens’ “The Missionary Position” was published you’ve finally realised that she was a money-grabbing, evangelising, brainwashed evil bitch who, as Hitchens so memorably said, was a friend of poverty rather than a friend of the poor.

  • Broga

    Congratulations Subramanian Swamy. If the Pope wants to honour this woman then let him do it. But don’t support his infamous act. Too many people have remained silent. We need more people of courage such as yourself to speak out.

  • AndyM

    Can’t help thinking that this attack on religious bigotry is itself motivated by something very similar. Plague…both… houses.

  • Declan

    Stealing babies at birth and selling them on. So what’s new about that? It’s been a lucrative element of the Roman Catholic Church Business Model for centuries.
    Name the crime and the RCC is guilty of it.

  • StephenJP

    AndyM is right. Ma Teresa was a nasty piece of work ( see Hitchens’ devastating take-down in “The Missionary Position”). But the only reason a BJP spokesman finds it convenient to criticise her now is that the BJP itself is a nasty piece of work, using religious bigotry in the cause of Hindu supremacy and nationalism. A plague on the lot of them.

  • Gaurav Tyagi

    @H3r3tic & Broga, this moron Subramanian Swamy is a religious fundamentalist himself and obsessed about the imaginary so called Lord Ram mentioned in Hindu ‘fairy-tales’;
    Swami is a classic case of pot calling the kettle black.

  • Broga

    Gaurav Tyagi : Thanks. I’m grateful for the insights.
    However, I had some good news (not the bible kind) from friends and relatives in the USA: three emails and a phone call from a nephew. They told me to look at the USA newspapers. That has been an encouraging and long overdue experience as Trump is being ripped to bits and moves being made to impeach him. Whether they have the will to carry it through I rather doubt.
    What should be mentioned, but isn’t, and I take this from my nephew in California, is “the the only way Trump could lie, deceive, rob, sexually molest women, trash John McCain as a coward because he was captured by the Vietnamese and didn’t escape, pay huge salaries from taxes to his religious advisers in the White House ………”is via the means of religion which has rotted the fibre of Americans.”
    The list goes on and he sends some headlines I could never hope to see. He is attending a meeting tonight “to ensure that this criminal clown is pursued to impeachment and prison.”
    I know we have USA contributers here and I am pleased for them. The vicar’s daughter and Moggy of the six kids who told The Sun he never changed nappies as that was a job for his nanny also seem to have crashed.
    Is there a God after all?

  • Stephen Mynett

    I think it is fairly well known Subramanian Swamy is an odious creep but that should not detract from the fact he is correct on this issue.
    Broga, my only concern about impeaching Trump is whether Pence can be brought down with him, he is far nastier but also intelligent, making him much more dangerous.

  • Broga

    Stephen Mynett : Trump impeached makes no sense unless Pence and others go with him. Trump is surprised at the criticism as he thought he did a great job.
    What has been done to his face? I have seen less bright suns at midday.

  • gedediah

    Yeah, let’s not treat the whole of her organisation as a criminal gang, let’s include the wider church that provided cover for her nefarious activities.