Come Alive Church pastor gets 18 years for sex offences

Come Alive Church pastor gets 18 years for sex offences August 2, 2018

Harry Thomas, 75, former pastor at the Come Alive New Testament Church in Medford, New Jersey who helped create the popular Creation music festivals, has been jailed for 18 years for sexually assaulting five young girls.
According to this report, Thomas also faced an outpouring of anger and contempt from his victims and their loved ones at his sentencing.
“I hate you,” said one victim, who detailed emotional torment in a statement read on her behalf.
Another called the pastor a “scumbag” and angrily snapped, “Harry Thomas, you surely will rot in hell.”
The father of one girl said of Thomas, a silver-haired grandfather:

This person is a ravenous wolf. He is one of the greatest hypocrites – a child molester masquerading as a pastor.

The prison term, which includes no parole eligibility, “could well be a death sentence,” Superior Court Jeanne Covert acknowledged at the two-hour hearing.
She said Thomas, named last year to a list of the nation’s 100 most influential evangelicals, would serve his term at the state’s Avenel facility for sex offenders.
A pre-sentencing assessment at Avenel found Thomas engaged in “repetitive, compulsive” sex offences despite feelings of guilt and shame,  Assistant Burlington County Prosecutor Stephen Eife said in arguing for a 20-year sentence.

He’s the devil incarnate.

Thomas pleaded guilty in February to raping one girl and sexually assaulting three others between 1999 and November 2015. He pleaded guilty to endangering the welfare of a fifth girl.
The pastor targeted victims for repeated assaults between the ages of 5 and 12, “a time when little girls should be playing with dolls,” Eife said.

Up until the age of puberty, they were repeatedly touched.

The attacks ended when one of the girls came forward to her mother in November 2017, leading to Thomas’ arrest in December.
Eife said the girls and their relatives are:

Suffering tremendously. The amount of hurt, the amount of confusion, the amount of sadness, the anger, it’s really unbelievable.

Said the aunt of one girl:

What fools we all were. You used the fact that these kids loved you. You groomed them all and us, too.

Thomas offered a sobbing apology as those he had hurt looked on stonily.

I don’t understand why I did these things. I would never hurt them but I did.

The pastor’s attorney, Robin Lord said the pastor’s compulsive offences should be viewed as a disease. She also pointed to Thomas’ good deeds as a clergyman, including efforts to provide schools and health facilities for children in impoverished countries.

He has made life better for thousands of children around the world.

A Come Alive spokesman has said the charges against Thomas were not connected to the pastor’s role at the church or two related ministries – Creation Festivals, which promotes religious concerts, and Come Alive International, a missionary organisation.
An attorney representing the victims, Craig Hubert, described Thomas’ actions as “a horrific tragedy” that will persist through the victims’ lives.

Harry Thomas failed. He failed himself, he failed his family, he failed his community, which includes his church … and he failed his God. One has to be reminded that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace.

According to this report, Thomas told the court:

I agree with the scriptures. It would be better for a millstone to be hung around my neck and be cast into the sea. That’s what I deserve.

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  • AgentCormac

    A child molester masquerading as a pastor.Who’d have thought?

  • AgentCormac

    Here’s a thing. How come Harry Thomas gets jailed for 18 years for sexually assaulting five young girls, while Prince Charles’ chum Peter Ball, the former Bishop of Gloucester, gets just 32 months in the slammer for offences against 18 victims?

  • ray metcalfe

    @ Agnetcormac I doubt its anything to do with being a pall of Charlie I mean we have a fare unbiased judicial system don’t we? Right now to get my tongue out of my cheack

  • John

    And all those devout catholic child raping priests who got soft sanctuary for a life of prayer and repentance. How many of the hundreds of thousands of known peadophile catholic priests are in prison? Just a token handful. That’s all.

  • Broga

    That is why the judges all went to public school and have a posh accent. And politicians are safe from prosecution for sexually abusing children and the Home Secretary warns them off when they want to investigate. When was a member of the royal family last prosecuted? Perhaps they are all naturally pure as a family. In that case they are unique.

  • andym

    “A child molester masquerading as a pastor.”
    Apparently child molesters are getting pissed off with the connection.

  • Robster

    Child molestation or the ability to undertake same, is that a prerequisite for those considering a clerical vocation? The practise does seem to be widely undertaken by god’s very own representatives, with no apparent divine attempt to curtail it. The problem seems particularly rampant amongst the clergies of all flavours, mind you the Vatican’s reps have tried hard to corner the market. The whole shady lot need to be considered likely dodgy before careful testing and being set free to run amok among the more normal.

  • gedediah

    His lawyer has it wrong. It’s not the offences that should be viewed as a disease, more the blind faith that affords these predators the opportunity to hide in plain sight.