I Accidentally Went Viral Supporting Trans Rights. This Is What I Learned.

I wasn’t intending on spreading my hairy, fabulous, cross-dressing ass all across the internet. I simply saw a lot of toxic transphobia on my social media feeds, and I wanted an effective way to get rid of it without merely unfriending people. [Read more…]

Gratitude: Reflections on ReAsonCon 3

But the thing that really floored me was the number of people I had never met who approached me to tell me how much they appreciated my contributions to The Gaytheist Manifesto. These people went out of their way to make me aware of their gratitude for things I’d said or done that I’d convinced myself weren’t good enough. And I had to sit with the knowledge that despite what my mind wants me to think about my worth, I really meant something to them. ReAsonCon was the first time I was able to internalize that. [Read more…]

Allies: Your Good Intentions Are Necessary, But NOT Sufficient

I understand the impulse to defend yourself against criticism you feel is unwarranted. But if you aren’t going to listen to the concerns of the group that you claim to be an ally of and allow yourself to be open to constructive critique, you should think long and hard before you use that term to describe yourself again. [Read more…]

You Shall Not Pass…

…unless you can “pass”. Yes this is a conversation in regards to where an unprotected minority is legally allowed to “take care of business”. The Gaytheist Manifesto is also a podcast, in case you didn’t know, and something that was brought up on a recent episode struck a chord in me. If you wanna listen, [Read More…]

Podcast 105 – Umm…Are We Girlfriends Now?

Sex can be weird. Our culture hands us a seemingly non stop barrage of toxic ideas about sex and sexuality. Even the most vanilla, heterosexual sex between cisgender partners has a stimga that never seems to go away. For members of the transgender community, this stigma gets heaped on top of the shame we’re taught [Read More…]

“Trump Is Not Mentally Ill” Letter Omits Important Details

I’ve seen several friends and acquaintances cite Dr. Frances’ letter to back up their belief that Trump is not ill, but simply malevolent. As a person with higher education in psychology, I take exception with some of the claims and assertions that Dr. Frances employs to reach this conclusion. [Read more…]

In an Era of Chaos, Find Your Safe Place

Keeping informed and engaged doesn’t have to lead to being overcome by fear, sadness and uncertainty. Here are a few tips to help you find safety, even in those times when you choose to fully engage with this dangerous world. [Read more…]

My One Year Anniversary Of Doubting

On February 1st of 2016, I wrote a blog. It was actually intended to be turned into a spoken word piece, but that never came about. The blog I wrote was entitled, “The Inspiring Expanse”. It is was an artistic piece blending in the realities of the universe as discovered by science with general thoughts of [Read More…]

Podcast #102 – Good News, The US is a Dumpster Fire Edition

We do this as much for ourselves as we do for others. As activists, burnout is a constant threat. Sometimes it’s a difficult thing to center your needs above the needs of the cause. While I’m not necessarily arguing that you forget the cause and put yourself first, I think it’s fair to encourage you to rate yourself somewhere near the top of your own priorities list. [Read more…]

Crossdressing; Walking A Mile In Heels

I have been going out dressed in mostly what would traditionally be labeled female clothing for a couple months now. I feel most myself when I’m wearing some leggings, a cute long shirt or top, and some super cute shoes. Add some jewelry, a multitude of makeup products, and a couple different hair products and [Read More…]