Kudos to my friend JT at patheos WWJTD for joining in the lambasting of the Pope’s recent support for violence. Brian Dalton’s latest Way of the Mister installment. Dalton expresses the outrage any moral person should feel: Words alone never justify violence. Threats might justify violent opposition to prevent someone acting on the threat. Someone might insult another person when they really mean, “I’d like to fight you now.” But that’s violence in response to an invitation not an insult. The Pope’s… Read more

After such a terrible start to the year and so much to talk about, I thought it was time again to see what the news media thinks we should be paying attention to versus what we really should be paying attention to. As explained earlier, this pulls from CNN as a general news source, BBC as an international voice, Fox vs MSNBC as partisan sources, and AlJazeera as the honest broker, in my opinion. I’m selecting from the ‘featured’ items… Read more

2015 has gotten off to an absolutely terrible start. Opportunities for outrage and despair seem numerous even for those us not trying to find evidence of End Times. People are rightfully angry not just at the terrible things that have happened but at the thin coverage of real problems. Hopefully these current and terrible events will highlight longer term issues that to which we should not be numb. Hopefully, in the media firestorm of NFL football playoffs followed by the first… Read more

Brandon Sanderson wrote the series Mistborn with a race called the Kandra. They have skin and muscles but no bones. They have to absorb bones so they can then take the form of the original creature. “Older” Kandra take the form of humans but younger Kandra have wood, stone, or gems instead of actual bones. In the real world, we have a slow progression from prosthetics intended to mimic human form and function to prosthetics that take advantage of the design… Read more

Let’s have a football tournament to crown an über-champion not only for one season but two: a dual-season tournament. We can have a 64-team tournament to spice up the regular season, reward football programs that survive yearly graduations, allow for losses without losing the whole meaning of the season, AND allow for keeping all the best bowl games and championships we already have as well as the best parts of the regular season as it exists now. Sounds great? read on. The problem: People often joke… Read more

You’ve got to get these things in your brain before 2015: some funny, some serious, all important, and definitely more than 10. Enjoy. 1. Laugh at this science joke. 2. Hear what the Khoisan African clicking language really sounds like. And then hear what Babylonian songs really sounded like.   3. Remember these great skeptics we lost in 2014, including atheist icons Edwin Kagin, Warren Wolf, and Howard Radest, activists Eric Broze and Kit Moser, author Vic Stenger, foxhole atheist Fred Green, yoga… Read more

A new vegan option is on the scene – Thug Kitchen blog and cookbook. Advising “Eat like you give a f*ck” and offering “delicious plant-based recipes” that will really inspire you to “get your shit together” without “prepackaged bullshit” because “who has the f*cking time to hunt for a dozen exotic ingredients?”. As far as I can tell, this the potty-mouth cookbook. Other than gratuitous cursing, there was nothing resembling thuggery. No urban settings or even people who looked like… Read more

Facebook was all a-twitter with the consecutive date – 12-13-14. I was pleasantly surprised not to see end of the world conspiracy theories. Congrats to our more credulous friends on their restraint. But everyone seemed to be excited. ABC was excited to announce the birth of a baby at 10:11am 12/13/14. This year’s Army Navy Game was at on 12/13/14 at 1516 hrs and 17 seconds. I don’t recall the final score, but I’m pretty sure Army won… But what… Read more

I recently finished Living the Secular Life by Phil Zuckerman. It was a great sociological assessment by a sociologist. I was quite confused at first because I am used to ‘atheist’ books the question god and ‘humanist’ books with lots of life lessons. I was confused at first, until I realized this was not such a book, but rather a survey of the reality of living a secular life. It was fascinating, for me as one living a secular life, to… Read more

David Mason over at Aestheism blog here on Patheos has written about “The Death of Humanism and Our Religionless Future.” Oh really… Mason, who comes from a Mormon background, seems to consider Lawrence Krauss’s opposition to religion to be just like religion. Krauss himself is a scientist as opposed to a philosopher or a sociologist, so even at the start, we can be a bit skeptical about any expert opinions Krauss might have on the future of religion. To be… Read more

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