HNN #13: Sex & Humanism

In HNN Audio Podcast #13, we explore the topic of sex from a humanist perspective. Please be advised that the theme of this show is adult in nature and some portions may not be appropriate for certain listeners. We speak with sex therapist Marty Klein, Ph.D, cartoonist Jeff Swenson and humanist advice columnist Molleen Matsumura, a.k.a. “Sweet Reason.” Film critic Carolyn Braunius reviews Shortbus. And as a very special treat we perform a radio play, “Humanist Love – Deist On Top”.

Segment 1: Sex Therapy and America’s War on Sex

Interview: Dr. Marty Klein has been a sociologist, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, and Certified Sex Therapist for 26 years. His newest book is America’s War on Sex: The Attack on Law, Lust and Liberty. Dr. Klein is also the publisher of the online e-zine Sexual Intelligence.

End: 22:55

Segment 2: Listener Comments

HNN Listeners call in to share their comments about our podcast.
End: 27:32

Segment 3: Humanist In Love – Deist On Top

Radio Play: HNN Masterpiece Theater presents this radio dramatization of the old joke: If atheists don’t believe in God, who do they talk to during sex? Written by Jeff Swenson. Performed by Laurie Ellen and Karl Davis-with-a-K.

Warning: This radio play is sexually explicit. (But it’s nothing you haven’t seen in When Harry Met Sally.

End: 31:25

Segment 4: Cartoon Porn and the Female Form

Interview: We speak to Jeff Swenson, creator of the Freethunk Cartoon, about the cartoon that inspired our radio play. We also talk about cartoon pornography.
End: 40:23

Segment 5: Ask Sweet Reason

Advice Column: Molleen Matsumura, creator of the “Sweet Reason” advice columnist for humanists, answers HNN listener questions about sexuality and about how humanists can enjoy the holidays in spite of their religious overtones.

End 51:46

Segment 6: Shortbus

Film Review: Carolyn Braunius gives a humanist review of the sexually explicit film Shortbus.

End 55:06

Segment 7: It’s our Anniversary!

The Humanist Network News podcast has been on the “air” for one year. We celebrate by playing clips from our favorite shows.

End: 62:08


“Sex and Violence” by Nadea
“Letter to a John” by Ani DiFranco
“Checking my Pulse” by Alix Olsen


America’s War on Sex | Marty Klein, Ph.D. | Sexual Intelligence | Humanists In Love – Deist on Top | Jeff Swenson’s Freethunk | Sweet Reason

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