In HNN Audio Podcast #15, we celebrate the birthday of Charles Darwin and his contribution to evolutionary biology. We speak with evolutionary biologist Massimo Pigliucci, Ph.D., Noell Hyman a.k.a. “Agnostic Mom”, Matt Cherry, executive director of the Institute for Humanist Studies, evangelical Christian-Goth musicians The Rapture Right, Secular Student Alliance Executive Director August E. Brunsman IV and Ghandi Scholar Prasad, who founded the Vasavya Society for Rural Development, in the state of Andrha Pradesh, India. Read more

The theme of HNN Audio Podcast #14 is humanists taking legal action to defend their rights. We speak with Secular Coalition for America lobbyist Lori Lipman Brown, Heidi Bruggink, legal coordinator for the Appignani Humanist Legal Center at the American Humanist Association, and Ellery Schempp, who initiated the landmark U.S. Supreme Court Case which declared that public school-sanctioned Bible readings were unconstitutional. HNN Listeners share their thoughts on humanism. And contributor Jamila Bey shares a humanist New Year’s poem. Read more

In HNN Audio Podcast #13, we explore the topic of sex from a humanist perspective. Please be advised that the theme of this show is adult in nature and some portions may not be appropriate for certain listeners. We speak with sex therapist Marty Klein, Ph.D, cartoonist Jeff Swenson and humanist advice columnist Molleen Matsumura, a.k.a. “Sweet Reason.” Film critic Carolyn Braunius reviews Shortbus. And as a very special treat we perform a radio play, “Humanist Love – Deist On Top”. Read more

In HNN Audio Podcast #12 we have two, count ’em two celebrity interviews. We speak with singer Holly Near about her music and activism, and then we speak with comedian Julia Sweeney (of Saturday Night Live fame) about her show “Letting Go of God.” We also talk to cartoonist Matt Bors about his recent visit to a “Hell House” and Matt Cherry reads an essay about the origins of Halloween. Read more

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