Somehow Nonsense But I No Cry Anymore

An adorably profound video of a kiwi’s last wish is drained of all meaning. [Read more…]

Grandma Opts Out of the System

When you die, every part of you goes back into the natural world. Or not. [Read more…]

The Belly Button of the World

Whenever anyone anywhere picks up the red crayon and puts a bright line under his own feet, it’s time for a family meeting. [Read more…]

The Tragedy of the One

The attacks of September 11 were seared into my mind less by the deaths of 3,000 than by the individuals falling from the towers — the one and the one and the one. [Read more…]

The Pipe and the Predicament

A 400-year old clay pipe is coughed up by the River Thames, connecting me to a person who lived, was afraid to die, and died. [Read more…]

Inspired By True Events

Look closely at the defining moments of your own life. See if you can spot the airbrushing. [Read more…]

The Busy, Busy Editors of Reality

Trying to get literature through the 19th c. intact is like passing the Louvre’s collection of Impressionism through a preschool on Fingerpaint Day. [Read more…]

There’s No Such Thing as Routine Surgery, Except Yes There Is

Before my gall bladder surgery, I had to decide whether to worry about dying on the table. [Read more…]

He Lived, He Had Two Good Stools, He Died

Like me, Sam Pepys thought quite a bit about Death. Unlike me, he had very good reasons. [Read more…]

Your Flimsy Little Beef Balloon

In the center of your chest is a pump made of meat. It could stop at any time, but it tends not to. This is worth talking about. [Read more…]