In the midst of the scene, Pratchett casually tosses off a gem insight about death. Read more

When I learned this meaning of nirvana, I stopped seeing Buddhism as some kind of “Asian Fusion Christianity.” Read more

At 42 I was still on the inhale side of my life, still building. Now I’ve crossed over into that shrinking space — the long exhale. Read more

“When you die, you don’t die like a dog. You will go on forever!” she said. But after seeing both people and dogs die, I’ve made my choice. Read more

The goal is not to make our kids ‘okay with death.’ Not even heaven does that. But we can help them engage this profound fact in a healthy way. Read more

As is often the case with comedians who die slowly enough, Tom Davis was funny about it. Read more

Evgenia Medvedeva’s world-record routine had an unusual theme — and some commentators just couldn’t handle it. Read more

A wave of humiliation washed over me. They’d been on their way out to find the dead American. Read more

It may be possible in a situation like this to not think of Dylan Thomas, raging against the dying of the light, but I can’t help it. Read more

“Death is indeed an end of life,” he said, “but more importantly, it is an end to the most feared thing of all.” Read more

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