Nasty Statues, British Edition

Why does the wretched Oliver Cromwell have a statue by Parliament? Read more

Hitler the Cheating Penguin

Some people are such cheaters. Read more

The Art of Self Confusion

I’ll end up eating deer droppings in a cave while the authorities look for my body in all the places those clear and simple arrows were pointing toward. Read more

The Fourth Thing Cows Hate

When another hiker entered a herd of cows, I looked around for high ground from which to view the carnage. Read more

Flaming Udders of Death

What’s the difference between a cow stumble and a cattle stampede? Spelling. Read more

Near Death and Manners on a Narrow English Road

To retain any hope of making it up the other side, the driver had to throw the bus down the hill at high speed and half blind. Read more

Will I Rage Against the Dying of the Light?

Dylan Thomas suggests meeting death with rage. But Lewis Thomas says we generally don’t. Read more

Montaigne Forgets to Believe in Heaven

If Montaigne believed he would pop up elsewhere after he died, he would have mentioned it. Read more

When Life Hangs at the Tip of Your Lips

A near-death experience that’s actually worth hearing about. Read more

Somehow Nonsense But I No Cry Anymore

An adorably profound video of a kiwi’s last wish is drained of all meaning. Read more

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