As is often the case with comedians who die slowly enough, Tom Davis was funny about it. Read more

Evgenia Medvedeva’s world-record routine had an unusual theme — and some commentators just couldn’t handle it. Read more

A wave of humiliation washed over me. They’d been on their way out to find the dead American. Read more

It may be possible in a situation like this to not think of Dylan Thomas, raging against the dying of the light, but I can’t help it. Read more

“Death is indeed an end of life,” he said, “but more importantly, it is an end to the most feared thing of all.” Read more

If he accomplished nothing else, Shackleton decisively robbed the rest of us of our right to whine. Read more

I wish nothing more deeply for you than to almost get hit by a train, or to feel your foot slip on a wet rock above a 200-foot waterfall. You’ll thank me. Read more

100 yards of slippery boulders in 15 minutes is 0.2 mph. At that rate I’d coast into Dufton in the middle of next week. Read more

That’s the moment I should have realized I would not make it off the hills before dark, even if everything went perfectly. But I just kept walking. Read more

The romantic affection for not-knowing slanders reality, calls it ugly and cold, something that must be covered with make-believe to be withstood. Bah. Read more

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