Trump’s Cabinet is Nuts; DeVos Get Schooled by Warren

Why is Elizabeth Warren not POTUS? Why? But before I get on to that, here is what my friend Kevin McCarthy, as many others have, has stated: Let’s get this straight… A president who knows nothing about the US Constitution, has unethical business relationships, and may be influenced by Russia. A Secretary of Education who [Read More…]

I Couldn’t Resist…

Not sure about the provenance of this to source it, but I like it! [Update: Source – thanks below!] [Read more…]

It’s a Climate Change Conspiracy!

It’s such a ubiquitous claim, and it winds me up because it is so naive. It looks something like this, as made by the endlessly facepalming See Noevo on this thread: Granted, the opportunity for big profits in teaching evolution is not as great as with, say, the cabal on Anthropogenic Climate Change “science”. But you [Read More…]

America Is the Greatest! Pt 2: Opportunity.

This is the second part to this small series. I will repost the intro for those who have not read the first one (on standard of living). Over on another post, there are some raging threads about a number of topics from gun crime to how great America is. It is on this last topic [Read More…]

Best TV Show Description… Trump Inauguration

This is brilliant: [From the Scottish Sunday Herald TV Guide. I am beginning to think I should look for Scottish heritage.] [Read more…]

Quote of the Day: Capt Stormfield on Dealing with Religious Trolls

Frequent commenter See Noevo seems, on most topics at the moment, to be trolling the threads and provoking debates on evolution. He is hugely failing in an almost comic-tragic way to pull any punches, and has shown himself to be a rank amateur who proclaims Danth’s Law with wild abandon. Why do we talk to [Read More…]

Getting into Someone’s Genes

I listened to this a number of years ago and am sure I posted it here somewhen, but cannot find it. Anywho, this is well worth a listen for a good synopsis of the area of sex selection (and thus evolutionary psychology) regarding humans, and how we like to think we are different, better, more [Read More…]

Marvelling at the Brain

As I wrote some time back. The other day, I was getting really frustrated with my manual coordination. I was leaving school on a Sunday after doing some work and was trying to locate a particular key on a keyring. With one hand. Whilst holding three bags with my other and something under my arm. [Read More…]

My Debate on Morality and God with Peter S. Williams (and Others)

Here is a reminder of a debate I had on morality and God some time back at the University of Southampton: Let me know what you think. I was invited to University of Southampton by their Athiest Society to do a team debate against Christian philosopher Peter S. Williams, together with third-year philosophy student Miriam Animashaun. [Read More…]

Haidt’s Five Flavours as defined by Schwartz Values

In my previous post I suggested that it was Authority, and the exercising of Authority through demanding Obedience, primarily through punitive learning environments, that defined the difference between Libertarians, Liberals, and Conservatives, and particularly between naturally conservative individuals, and people nurtured (actually inculcated) into it. So let’s look at the Schwartz-Duval model with Haidt’s Five [Read More…]