Occasionally, I am proud to be British. These were the days. A really peaceful set of rallies with some delightfully understated signs. I am interested to know how the protests were reported by American media, so if anyone can enlighten me… And I do love a good placard. Read more

This was a recent piece by Fintan O’Toole in The Irish Times. I advise you read the whole piece here. After talking about the first step of rigging elections, as has been seen in the US and with Brexit to varying degrees, it goes on to say:   Fascism does not need a majority – it typically comes to power with about forty percent support and then uses control and intimidation to consolidate that power. So it doesn’t matter if… Read more

Psychology has thrown up some interesting conclusions over the years. Firstly, we have research to suggest ignorance or lack of intelligence is bliss. Then we have the claim that religious people are happier. Using logic, we can perhaps claim that religious people may be happier, but that’s because they are more ignorant. He heh! But can we say this? Research on intelligence and knowledge and how it relates to happiness has shown a number of different outcomes. As the BBC reports: The first… Read more

The other day, Rizdek made some fascinating comments that aligned typical theistic epistemology with what can then be applied to nontheistic claims. His comments were as follows: It seems either that something came literally from nothing/nothingness or that something exists eternally. I understand the theist believes that something which exists eternally, in a timeless state, is God. I think that something that exists eternally is a phase/arrangement/state of the natural world. That thing which exists eternally but that has the… Read more

As this has come up in conversation again, it is worth posting this essay for the perusal of my newer readership. Enjoy. Here is an essay that I wrote some time ago, raising points that William Lane Craig has failed to deal with. This one comes up an awful lot in my discussions on morality. See what you think. See this and other such pieces in my reasonably priced ebook: The Problem With “God”: Classical Theism Under The Spotlight. Morality is… Read more

Argumentum ad ignorantiam – (argument from ignorance, or appeal to ignorance) A logical fallacy that claims the truth of a proposition based on a lack of contrary evidence. Humans do terrible things sometimes. Examples: Catholic priests rape children and their crimes are hidden by church officials who fear that disclosure would cause harm to the Church. Terrorists fly airplanes into buildings, or detonate bombs in crowds, killing thousands of innocent people. Voters in democratic societies elect unqualified and unsuited leaders… Read more

Britain has its own problems, for sure. We are heading full speed into a national disaster in Brexit with the Foreign Secretary (Boris Johnson) as well as the Brexit Ministers David Davis and Steve Baker resigning today. Not only that, but the main funder of UKIP and the Leave campaign, Arron Banks, met the Russian Ambassador 11 times in a potential mirror of the Trump-Russia debacle. It’s a total shitstorm. But I still can’t believe the “leader of the free world”… Read more

What if science suddenly found real evidence that Hell exists, and that most humans are going there when they die to suffer forever? And that all the miraculous events described in the Bible actually happened, and that Jesus was a real person who said all that stuff attributed to him, and actually performed all those miracles? In the June/July issue of Free Inquiry (FI) magazine, Robert M. Price addresses those questions in a delightful and provocative little fictional piece titled… Read more

Yes, some good news, though who will replace him? Scott Pruitt has been constantly embroiled in scandal after ethical scandal, and it is all finally too much. The man is an absolute disgrace. Anyone who defends him needs to look at each and every impropriety and defend each and every one. As The Guardian reports: Scott Pruitt, the hugely controversial administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, has resigned. Donald Trump announced Pruitt’s departure on Twitter and said Pruitt had done an “outstanding job”. He… Read more

I recently posted a piece on objective morality in response to Jeremiah Traegar’s article here at ATP. In discussing my response elsewhere, there were the following points that I would like to deal with here in order to kill two birds with one philosopher’s stone. My original quotes are in italic, with the commenter’s comments in blockquote. You can argue that there is an objectively better course of action given two options, A and B. If you are looking for wellbeing… Read more

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