Empiricism Revisited: Intuition and Epistemic Priority

There was a really interesting comment on a thread on my original “Empiricism as Foundational” that would be good to stimulate more discussion. Here it is, from Joseph Graney. So, I would like to offer the following response (in an order unrelated to the above article): 1) Empiricism does not, in fact, reject the innate knowledge thesis, because it claims that we can know things via experience. However, there is no means by which experience can be demonstrated to be… Read more

Answering Questions about Empiricism as Foundational: Knowing that We Know

I recently wrote a piece on empiricism as being foundational to philosophical approaches to epistemology. See Noeve got involved and gave a rare substantive comment. I’ll try a comment. Perhaps my much younger 61 year old mind, which broke free from atheism about 28 years ago and became ever more Catholic starting about 20 years ago, can add something. There’s actually very much that could be written and has been written on these subjects, but I’ll try to keep this… Read more

Gun Control and Vehicle Terrorism

Australian Prime Minister has said in the last day: “After the Nice truck attack last year I asked the counter terrorism co-ordinator… to get together with all of the state and territory police agencies, with business, with local government and make sure that we had a comprehensive strategy for protecting crowded places…. What we’ve done with this Crowded Places strategy is we have set out a series of tools by which owners and operators of venues… are able to assess… Read more

On Toleration

We recently resurrected the Tippling Philosophers, our friendly group of thinkers who meet up at the pub to discuss philosophy and, well, everything. This was the subject of our newly reincarnated group and the discussion was good. Toleration is also something that came out recently during the issues that took place in Charlottesville (which is why we chose the subject). As liberals, should we be tolerant of those who are deeply intolerant of others? There is potentially a problem with toleration… Read more

The Paradox of Tolerance

I will shortly be writing a couple of pieces on tolerance, but I thought I’d whet your appetite. H/T Jon Hamer. Read more


What follows is my first crack at developing a thought experiment (cos that’s so “in” right now) that I’ve been thinking about for a while. Feel free to critique, reject, mock… whatever works for you. Thought Experiment Imagine a simple thing, a sphere of some kind. Now imagine lots of them, lying gathered on a flat surface. It could a bubble, or it could be a ball bearing, whatever. Image from: Mike Davies Bearings Yes, you can argue that there’s… Read more

On Deduction and Induction and How They Relate to the Kalam

I will be reposting a previous article today because ideas of induction and deduction have come up in another post with a few asking for clarification. Here, I will look at deduction and induction in the context of how they relate to the Kalam Cosmological Argument. Alan Duval has also written about induction and deduction recently here in “Answering Questions about Empiricism as Foundational: Our Rational Nature”. As some of you will know, my most recent book was on the Kalam Cosmological… Read more

Islamic Terrorism: A Thought Experiment

I was thinking about the recurrence of terrible atrocities done in the name of Islam, again, today. Barcelona has been hit, and one assumes that Islam, as a worldview, has something to do with the events, in some way. Now let’s take this to the extreme (no pun intended). Let’s imagine that a large Islamic extremists continued to hit such nations, or indeed one particular nation in a consistent onslaught. And let’s imagine the commonality is Islamic beliefs (of a… Read more

Trump Taken to Task

To follow on from my previous piece on Trump, here is a video of Jimmy Kimmel skewering the President on his insanely bad press conference. Check it out. Let’s make Trump king. Read more

Trump Is Simply an Idiot

There are many reasons this is so. Firstly, let’s look at his ability to communicate like an adult. Here is part of the transcription of the press conference he gave after the Charlottesville problems. I didn’t wait long. I didn’t wait long. I didn’t wait long. I wanted to make sure unlike most politicians that what I said was correct. Not make a quick statement … It takes a little while to get the facts. You still don’t know the facts… Read more

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