September 17, 2018

I meant to post about this a few weeks back. A two-year report in the Religious Education in the UK has concluded with some interesting recommendations. As The Guardian reports: Religious education in schools needs a major overhaul to reflect an increasingly diverse world and should include the study of atheism, agnosticism and secularism, a two-year investigation has concluded. The subject should be renamed Religion and Worldviews to equip young people with respect and empathy for different faiths and viewpoints, says the… Read more

September 16, 2018

I have long had issues with the God-as-father analogy that gets trotted out ubiquitously. I’m going to look at this manoeuvre in this post. Again, I must thank Anthrotheist for providing the stimuli for this piece in saying (I’ve split it over the post): The second objection is more specific. Somewhere in this post’s comments, someone compares God answering only some prayers to a father acquiescing to only some demands from his two-year-old child. The “God-as-our-father” analogy is exactly where… Read more

September 16, 2018

I will soon be writing more about the ontology and exact positions of my moral philosophy. In the meantime, here is a synopsis and set of links for some of my moral writing: Atheists and Morality: Defining Our Terms Atheists and Morality: On Christian Theories of Ethics Atheists and Morality: Moral Oughts Christians, Their Morality and Their Ironic Intolerance 16 Problems with Divine Command Theory Thought-experiments: Is God Necessary to Have Meaning in Life? My Views on Objective Morality More… Read more

September 15, 2018

This recently came up in discussion so I thought I’d post results from my DNA analysis that took place a few years ago. When it was first analysed, I had ancestry that stretched across to Western Europe and beyond. Here was my analysis from a few years ago: Europe West 39% Great Britain 23% Ireland/Scotland/Wales 19% Iberian Peninsula 6% Scandinavia 4% Europe East 3% Finland/Northwest Russia 3% Asia South <1% Europe South <1% Caucasus <1% However, that has now changed and vastly… Read more

September 14, 2018

Hey, folks! It’s been a while since I posted, I’ve had quite a bit on my plate, what with my MSc, and a start-up business project, and life in general. With Jonathan’s recent news, I’m going to try and help out a bit more, with occasional posts, not quite as regularly as before, but certainly more often than has been the case for the last eight or so months. Jonathan has very kindly said it would be OK for me… Read more

September 14, 2018

When I recently announced my diagnosis of having MS, the Problem of Evil was an obvious subject to bring up. So I did. One of the comments came from Anthrotheist who stated: I had an online conversation with an apologist not long ago that touched on the problem of evil, and I will do my best to faithfully reproduce his basic arguments. Free will: If there was some behavior that you (or someone around you) unwittingly participated in that tipped some… Read more

September 13, 2018

The oppression of women is certainly something that goes hand in hand with religio-political systems. She has recently starred in a film The Children Act, which looks a fascinating film that I wouldn’t mind watching. In an interview concerning the film, she recently stated: What is your own take on the moral and ethical debate that this drama provokes? When it comes to religion versus science, where do you stand? From a personal point of view and not in relation to the film,… Read more

September 11, 2018

Here is a little something from HandsomeMrToad: Something very bad happened to me last year: a dear friend of mine was murdered. His name was Roddy Posa. And at the trial, I found out that the murderer was wearing yellow socks at the time when he murdered my friend Roddy Posa.  Looking into it further, I found that this murderer loves yellow socks and wore them all the time. So now, I’m trying to get my congressman to pass a… Read more

September 10, 2018

The September issue of Church & State (C&S) magazine published by Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AU) is a treasure trove of grist for the secular mill. This is my third post that is based on articles in that issue.  This one deals with the frequent complaint from the Religious Right that Christians are persecuted in this Christian-majority country. They have turned Alexis de Tocqueville’s “Tyranny of the Majority” on its head, and are accusing the secular… Read more

September 9, 2018

A few months back, I was involved in a one on one debate with David Warden of Dorset Humanists on the subject of “Dorset Humanists Debates – Brexit, the Media and the Future of Democracy”. David Warden spoke first followed by myself, then some cross-examination and then some fun with Q & A (worth listening to).   Read more

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