My Experiences at my Islam and Violence Talk

I spoke at Winchester Skeptics / Hampshire Skeptics society the other night in Winchester on the subject of Islam and violence. Given the sensitive nature of the subject, and one that can get people very heated on both sides, it ended up being one of the best-received talks I have done. Without being conceited, and [Read More…]

IQ: Using Race Divisively

Recently, ATP contributor Alan Duval skillfully debunked some claims concerning race and IQ made here by one of the more controversial commenters. This is why I don’t censor as much as others – it allows for free and open conversation whereby spurious claims are found out, or, indeed, found to be more robust. In the [Read More…]

The Six Core Beliefs of Conservatism

As promised previously, here is the first in an intermittent series of discussions and think pieces on what conservatism is. I must admit to not having a lot of time this week (thanks, in part, to a very active comments section on last week’s post), and thanks in part to very disturbed sleep, so I [Read More…]

Three Ways to Change Someone’s Mind

Since I’ve been posting on how not to engage with the other side recently, here’s a piece on good, science-supported ways to do it. I’ve been focused on this topic a lot, mainly because it’s what I spend time thinking about. I have ideas for more theological/philosophical posts in the future. This was originally posted [Read More…]

Upcoming Talk at MIT on Science, Religion and Astronomy

This Monday, February 27th, I will be giving a talk for the Secular Society of MIT as part of a lecture series they are starting called Course 0. This will be a part of helping people engage in critical thinking on the subjects of science, religion, secularism, and many intersecting cultural areas. As is usual [Read More…]

My Islam and Violence Talk, Thursday Night

I am giving a talk to the Hampshire Skeptics/Winchester Skeptics in the Pub in Winchester on Thursday (tomorrow) night. It takes place at the Discovery Centre and I have been long awaiting the chance to do a talk there. This is my most controversial talk in that I disagree with fellow liberals about the inherent and [Read More…]

Incoming Today programme editor calls for humanists to be included on Thought for the Day

This has been an ongoing issue for years. Radio 4’s flagship news programme in the morning, Today, has long had a Thought for the Day segment where religious figures come on and present their thought for the day – some kind of moral tract or piece relevant to religious philosophy or thinking. There have been calls for [Read More…]

Free Presbyterian cleric condemns humanist book for primary pupils in Northern Ireland

As a teacher, I find this a very interesting story, especially having worked in the faith schools sector, as I have. The hypocrisy here is unbelievable, especially given the context of religious sectarianism in Northern Ireland. The book, co-authored by famous children’s poet Michael Rosen, has been delivered to many schools in Northern Ireland as [Read More…]

How To Engage With The Other Side Better Than Bill Maher

This past week, liberal comedian Bill Maher brought conservative provocateur (the politically correct term for troll) Milo Yiannopoulos onto his show, Real Time with Bill Maher. Left leaning outlets have been abuzz detailing and discussing the encounter. If you’re interested, here is the overtime segment with the panel. Personally, I was greatly disappointed with the [Read More…]

Milo Yiannopoulos Defends Paedophilia

A video has emerged of alt-right commentator and editor at Breitbart, Milo Yiannopous, defending paedophilia. The Independent reports: In the excerpt from the podcast being circulated, the Breitbart senior editor says he defines paedophiles as people who are sexually attracted to children who have not reached puberty. He adds that he believes some teenagers under the [Read More…]