Easter: The Resurrection Round-up

Easter: The Resurrection Round-up April 5, 2015

Being that time of year, let me remind you of some things that I have written on the Resurrection (and death and burial) of Jesus:

On the Skepticism of the Resurrection

On the Skepticism of the Resurrection (part 2)

On the Skepticism of the Resurrection (part 3)

On the Skepticism of the Resurrection (part 4) – naturalistic explanations

Jesus: burial practices and crucifixion

Joseph of  Arimathea; a rich prophecy fulfilment

Joseph of Arimathea – fact or fiction? Er, fiction.

Why was Jesus’ tomb not venerated?

Matthew and the guards at the tomb

Happy reading!


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  • Andy Jordan

    I went to the Easter Service with the family in Blandford, mit Mother-in-law yesterday. Methodist church, lovely people & kids loved it….lots of chocolate & wii u t’boot! Meanwhile in the service, I took the opportunity to read each of the resurrection accounts whist the two readings were read out, One of which was the Mark account, which to be fair to the Minister she did prefer & explained why –
    Although having read the accounts many times, I was still struck by the massive difference between them, also that in the ‘Good News Bible’ that I was reading the man in white robe refers to “Jesus of Nazareth”, whilst the reading taken from an old and volumous version of the Bible referred to “Jesus the Nazarene”.
    – The only thing resurrected was unfortunately my skepticism!

  • epicurus

    Your next book should be on some aspect of the easter event, similar to your book on the nativity, which I highly enjoyed.

    • Thanks so much. I would live to, though there is not much more I could say to add to Kris Komarnitsky’s excellent book.