Trump’s Defensive Ruse – Tweeting “FAKE NEWS!”

Trump appears to be “flailing like a man who fears he’s about to go under“. Well, I hope so. What is extraordinarily fascinating about Trump is seeing his childish tweets. Not only do we know he has the language of a third grader, but we can quite clearly see he has the emotional development of one too. His reactions are hilariously playground-like. The Washington Post eviscerates one of his tweets from last night:

It is unclear whether Trump is trying to fool the nation or fool himself. Witness one of the angry tweets he sent out Thursday morning: “The Democrats had to come up with a story as to why they lost the election, and so badly (306), so they made up a story — RUSSIA. Fake news!”

Let me take a moment to unpack the misinterpretations, distortions and contradictions jammed into those two sentences.

“The Democrats had to come up with a story” refers to Trump’s claim that the Russia allegations are nothing more than a tantrum by Democrats upset that Hillary Clinton did not win as they had expected. That is ridiculous. The Democratic Party is focused on rebuilding at the grass-roots level and finding new leadership. Democrats I’ve spoken to have as much criticism as praise for Clinton and the campaign she ran.

Trump’s phrase “they lost the election, and so badly” ignores the facts. Clinton did comfortably win the popular vote, after all. And Trump’s electoral margin was historically quite modest.

The part about how Democrats “made up a story — RUSSIA” is absurd. It was U.S. intelligence agencies, not the Democratic Party or the Clinton campaign, that made the finding that Russia meddled in our election with the aim of boosting Trump’s prospects. If anything, the chief Democrat at the time — President Barack Obama — reacted too mildly.

And the tweet ends with what has become Trump’s favorite way to dismiss anything he’d rather not hear: “Fake news!” But why would his national security adviser, Michael Flynn, step down over inauthentic news reports? In other tweets Thursday morning, Trump attacked “low-life leakers” in the intelligence community — thus essentially confirming that leaked information about the Russia connection is genuine, not “fake.” Not even a president can have it both ways.

The whole leak thing is so ironically guffaw-inducing that I cannot believe that Trump and his supporters don’t see it. But they ignore what they want to. Heck, I saw a BBC news report (from December) last night on where his supporters get their news from, and it made me want to cry. It was all about them distrusting these established sources, and deferring to Breitbart, as if they were the ones immune to bias, and had great bias detection abilities.

The irony is that the Republicans, specifically Trump, were all over the Wikileaks releases, lauding them and their findings about Clinton and emails and Wiener. But when it comes to other leaks (from the White House etc.), the leaks suddenly become fake news or it becomes about shutting the leaks down. MSNBC’s Morning Joe lambast the Wall Street Journal for focusing on the leakers and not the content of the leaks:

This appears to be Trump’s own reaction from his tweets. There is no denial, but merely an attack on the fact that there are leaks.

Trump seems to really rate leaks when they suit him. Otherwise, leaks are terrible!

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