Not Seeing God through 20 Skeptical Lenses

Things are gathering pace with one of the four book projects I am working on. Editing an anthology of chapters from Patheos Nonreligious writers has been really rewarding, but has also taken me a long time. It’s great to get an extra four chapters over the last week from some new contributors at PN (and some cartoons!) to add to the book. ATP’s Alan Duval is also chipping in, so ATP will get double representation!

What’s fantastic news is that I have just secured the efforts of Ed Buckner, retired President of American Atheists, to write the foreword. Dale McGowan is writing the afterword, so all is shaping up nicely.

Anyway, I thought I’d whet your appetite with the contents page as it presently looks. There are some more chapters to be added, but this is it at the moment:

Foreword by Ed Buckner. 1

Introduction. 2

Part One. 5


Not Seeing OmniGodTM through Philosophy and Logic. 6

Not Seeing God through Psychology and Neuroscience. 16

Using Common Sense to Not See God. 28

Not Seeing God, but Seeing Folklore, in the Bible. 40

Not Finding God in Ethics. 52

Seeing God in the Bible as Ridiculous. 70

Part Two.. 79


It Started with Yoga: Unravelling the Threads towards Not Seeing God. 80

Not Seeing God through Celebrations in Life. 86

Not Seeing God at the Movies. 92

Humanism and Witchcraft: Not Seeing God in Africa. 106

The Importance of Visibility when Not Seeing God in Latin America. 115

Politics and Religion: Not Seeing God in the Islamic Republic. 125

Not Seeing Atheists in Congress. 135

Not Wanting to See God in Education. 140

Part Three. 152


Not Seeing God in Life’s Meaning and Purpose. 153

Not Seeing God when Raising your Kids. 162

What Comes after Not Seeing God. 171

Afterword  193

This is a similar enterprise to the book I edited when I was at the Skeptic Ink Network, called 13 Reasons to Doubt, which is a great book, obviously.


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