Give Me Your Deconversion Account Submissions!

Give Me Your Deconversion Account Submissions! November 20, 2017

As some of you might know, I have been running a series of deconversion accounts, as seen below. I would love if anyone else has an account they would like to put to words and get up here. Please let me know if you do.

Please check out my book of deconversion accounts, edited with Tristan Vick, which can be bought from here, or by clicking on the book cover. The previous accounts can be found here:

#1 – Lorna

#2 – John

#3 – Bryant Codycover image official

#4 – Mike D.

#5 – Counter Apologist

#6 – Brian (A Pasta Sea)

#7 – Phil Stilwell

#8 – Kaveh Mousavi

#9 – Void

#10 – ML Candelario

#11 – Dan Yowell

#12 – Laura Goans

#13 – Scott Simian

#14 – Anthony Toohey

I am due to have Shelia Warner’s too (Sheila – you were going to get back to me on something about which I have now forgotten!).

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