Ehrman vs Licona: a Few Remarks

I posted this debate the other day:

I think this is worth watching, I really enjoyed it as I respect both scholars.

To a degree. Part of me thinks that Licona is actually being really disingenuous here. Okay, let me be straight – I think Licona gets smashed here. Ehrman was on his game and had a much better game and case to bring. Licona stumbled through not answering some key points here. It was good that there was at least some crossfire as the two sat down and had a go at each other.

It has inspired me to write on a few of the topics here, such as the Gospel of John and the synoptic problem, and the reporting of speech in the Bible (a point I have long been making). Let me know what you think of it if you get round to watching or listening (as I did part of it, mowing the lawn).

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