Brexit, the Media, and the Future of Democracy

I am taking part in a debate on this subject next week, on Wednesday night, in Bournemouth, at the Green House Hotel.

Here are the details:


Jonathan MS Pearce and David Warden

The EU referendum raised profound questions about democracy. Was it a victory for democracy or a travesty? Were the campaigns based on lies, spin, and fake news and, if so, how can we maintain any faith in democracy? Is contemporary journalism on the side of the people or financial interests? Is it time to hand over government to ‘independent experts’?

Jonathan MS Pearce and David Warden voted on opposite sides in the EU referendum but they share a passion for democracy. They will share their reflections on Brexit and then lead an open discussion about the state of our democracy. Jonathan is a blogger, author, teacher, and philosopher. He has written and edited numerous books including ‘Not Seeing God: Atheism in the 21st Century’ (2017). David is Chair of Dorset Humanists and an Honorary Member of Humanists UK.

I’ll post my notes after the debate.

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