Wikipedia, the Free Market and Libertarianism

This is perhaps one of my favourite quotes from a libertarian free marketeer when I originally posted my articles critiquing free market economics. It’s an awesome quote, so I thought I would repost it:

Copy and paste this into your web browser, what comes up? Wikipedia. Knew it! That is the same Marxist manipulated controlled ignorant website that tries to connect Corporatism to that of Capitalism. I don’t trust Wikipedia for as far as I could throw a stick. Oh and by the way, I’m not a monetarist, I stand against it, I’m a gold bug. The free market began in Chile in the early to mid 1980’s around about the period I was born, so I see no point in what you are posting. I mean proving from above just how much crap Wikipedia posts out, you posted something about a strongly Socialist government after the 1982 crisis which saw growth? Garbage, because after 1982 it was the free market. That’s exactly what I mean about Wikipedia, who manipulated that bullshit?

Prize to the person who spots the delicious irony. Okay, no prize, but here it is… For someone who espouses so strongly the free market, to attack Wikipedia in this way is unbelievably stupid. Wikipedia is pretty much the closest you will get to a sort of free market encyclopedia. Rather than being supplied by an elite, or a government or some other group of people, Wikipedia is created and supplied by the consumer. If you have an issue with the bias, go and do something about it, rather than whinge.

The people who “manipulated that bullshit” are… the people.

You could even go so far as to argue that, if you really feel that Wikipedia as manipulated irrationally or full of cognitive bias, then this shows the biases and cognitive failure of mankind. Of course, then this completely ruins the basis of free market economics: homo economicus. To be fair, Daniel Kahneman and other have very well shown how the idea of a rational person consistently making good, informed choices is fundamentally flawed.

So, either way, this comment has delicious ironies.



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