How Americans View Themselves and Their Country

How Americans View Themselves and Their Country August 20, 2018

We live in polarised times. I recently posted a piece on how fear and the interpretation of fear plays into politics, and to some extent paranoia.

I happened across this video on YouTube and was wondering what my American readers think about this. She talks extensively, after being away from the States for 2.5 years and living extensively in Europe and elsewhere, about how Americans live so much in fear. Fear of all sorts. She also talks about public transit, car ownership, personal space, bigger as better, the constant need to discard and the disposal nature of items, working too much (and feeling they have to all the time), eating out more often than not and so on.

On the fear thing, I think this is also underwriting UK politics right now, and it is what drove the Brexit debate in both directions.

And yes, a random post.

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