Comment Policy

As a Christian ethicist who works on contemporary social issues, my work is largely focused on issues people disagree about. Some of these issues people feel very strongly about.

I get that.

The purpose of this blog is to bring my experience, knowledge, and skills as a social ethicist to bear on contemporary problems in order to raise questions, offer analysis, and engage the public debate.

I do not expect all the readers of my blog to agree with me. I expect this space to be a space of respectful dialogue.

For this reason, comments that are disrespectful (or me or of others) will be deleted. Disrespect includes challenging the facts that I have a Ph.D. and am a Christian social ethicist by training, calling, and profession or that I am a faithful Christian. Disrespect includes mean, spiteful, racist, sexist, or other hateful attitudes that target individuals or groups of people.

Dialogue about difficult issues in the public square will necessarily include expressing differences of opinion. Dialogue about difficult issues in this space requires those differences of opinion be shared in ways that respect the dignity of others.