#40DaysOfTreats – Showing Pro-Choice Support In The UK – With Cake!

A counter protest for 40 days doesn’t seem right – why draw attention to them? Instead, lets do something for the people who are probably most affected and could use the boost.

Let’s give the nice people at BPAS 40 days of treats – Okay, we’ve got to do something about this – 40daysoftreats.tumblr.com.

You know something that may not often come to mind with anti-abortion protesters and prayer groups? They can legally ‘block’ the way to providers… and make it very, very uncomfortable for those going to those services, let alone the people who work there. We’ve had members of the Perth Atheists ponder how best to tackle similar anti-abortion protests here (not unlike the ’40 Days for Life’ vigils outside the British Pregnancy Advisory Services).

Now? Although this is a story heralding from the UK and we’ve never met, I recognised the name of Carmen D’Cruz (http://www.carmenego.com – who has appeared at a number of skeptical events in London – including Westminster Skeptics, which is a great gathering!) and I really, really like the positive spin it makes in regards to counter-protests. Indeed, there shall be cake – with the  The Forty Days Of Treats Website!

The Guardian – Cakes and the right to choose: Unhappy about a pro-life campaign outside the BPAS, two friends decided to act – in a peculiarly British way

They were especially keen to support the charity after the recent Nadine Dorries amendment aimed at stripping abortion-providers of their role in counselling women. Instead of holding a rival protest and further upsetting women who went to the clinic, Carmen D’Cruz and Liz Lutgendorff decided to “express our opinion through cake” – and 40 Days of Treats was born.

For every day the pro-lifers were praying outside, D’Cruz and Lutgendorff vowed they would cheer up staff inside, and launched their idea on Twitter and Tumblr. “We thought it would be nice to show lots of us appreciate the work they are doing. It’s not combative, or confronting the protesters in a way that no one would want,” Lutgendorff explained.

I’ll be conducting an interview with ’40 Days’ for the Token Skeptic podcast, which should be out very soon. You can follow the 40 Days Of Treats on their official Twitter account at http://twitter.com/40daysoftreats – and Tweet your support (or even send treats!) to @clare_bpas@edforchoice @marie_stopes @abortion_rights @FPACharity!

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