A Peacock For Bridget

Bridget recently posted this and it cheered me up when I needed it (mostly because I’m still a little sad for Digital Cuttlefish, and we’re all still seeking donors, of course).

Here’s a video in return, since peacocks are cool. There’s no sound for it, because at the time there was large booming clashing construction work going on in the background over at the UWA Club. Mind, the sound of a peacock is hardly the most melodious thing to hear either, but I would have focusing on admiring the feathers anyway, so I removed the sound. Perhaps you can think of your own alternative soundtrack for it as you check it out? I’m thinking ABBA or maybe a bit of Danny La Rue.

If you REALLY want to hear a hideous bird-sound, check out the Rainbow Lorikeet, they’re just dreadful. I sometimes have them in the little tree outside my office window, because they really like to push as many seeds into their faces as possible while screaming about how much fun they had last night.

I don’t know if there’s a correlation between lovely bird plumage and sounding like someone’s backing a truck over elderly matrons at a cocktail party, but that’s what I always think of when they arrive.

Where was I? This is for Bridget. And go make Digital Cuttlefish happy for me, please.

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