Another Donors Choice Project Completed For Science!

Another Donors Choice Project Completed For Science! October 15, 2011

My Project: Last year we did an animal research project. Every child had a different animal. As a first year teacher last year I didn’t have much of any materials available in the classroom to learn about an animal of interest. I checked out books from a couple local libraries in our city and brought in stacks of books. The kids were so thrilled. For the following two weeks they couldn’t wait to continue reading and continue their process in their research project. If I could have more nonfiction in my class about animals, plants, and cultures I can only imagine the learning that will take place daily.

Starting my second year of teaching I have slowly built my classroom library. Fortunately my students have a lot of opportunities to read fiction in our classroom library but we are in need for more grade level nonfiction. Providing more resources to learn about true, interesting animals, plants and cultures in our world can open the minds of our students and let the exploring continue.

My students need access to books about animals in our world, plants, and other interesting nonfiction topics in their classroom library.

This project was completed. We could do more!

I know that if you’re a reader of this blog, most likely you’re a reader of Digital Cuttlefish as well – and recently they posted about a project to get Charlotte’s Web (a much loved book of mine too) out to readers. It doesn’t take much to complete these projects when there’s a lot of little donations from a variety of people – and I’m pleased to say that one of mine was completed, as detailed in the quote above. That is due

There’s plenty of these little ‘on the edge of completion’ projects – In Need Of Science Supplies. Another with just a little more to go: Building literacy through science (something I have done as an English as a Second Language teacher).

SIMS – Science is for Girls is another worthy project, and one I hasten to bring to your attention:  We have noticed that we have less females that enter science fair projects than our males. Our goal is to aid in the motivation of our females. The future of our nation rests on the knowledge of science and it is important that we equip our females with the desire of learning science concepts. We believe the requested materials will lead to exciting science projects by our female students!

Even if you can just help push one or two over the edge, you can make a difference. After all, education is important to everyone, no matter where you are. Or even if you’re an anonymous Cuttlefish. Just saying.


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