Australian Atheist? Help Out With A PhD

MUST READ FOR TODAY – Creating Ankylosaur Attack: An interview with author Daniel Loxton!!

Now that I’ve finished being thrilled about that link, back to the subject at hand!

You might be an Australian atheist…

…which means you should also be subscribing to The AFA’s Facebook group, be a supporter of the FreeThought University Alliance, have checked out the offerings and this forthcoming lecture on the 13th October about Darwin at Melbourne’s Embiggen Bookstore and getting tickets FAST for the Global Atheist Convention before they run out…

…and if you are, can you help out with some research? This is with thanks to Jayson of the GUSSF:

A Ph.D candidate at the University of Western Sydney is currently looking for Australian Atheists to take part in his Ph.D research on atheism and the new atheism. Please do not hesitate to contact him via his e-mail address if you are interested in adding your voice to this research or if you know anyone else that may be interested in participating. Full details over at Jayson’s blogpost.

The Rise of the New Atheism?
Alan Nixon
a [full stop] nixon at
PhD Candidate – University of Western Sydney
Ethics Approval Number: H9065

What is this study about?

This study seeks to examine the importance of modern Atheism to people who are self-proclaimed ‘Atheists’. It aims to explore how people gain meaning from their Atheism. It is especially concerned with how people integrate their Atheism into their sense of who they are or their self-identity, how this affects the feeling of being part of a group and how this affects their lives. The study hopes to give people who have been affected by Atheism or the new atheism a chance to describe their experiences. It also hopes to shed light on the relationship between the current society and Atheism from the perspective of participants.

Who would I like to contribute to it?
I would like to talk to men and women aged 18+ years who are self-proclaimed Atheists or New Atheists.

What’s involved if I agree to participate?
If you agree to participate, you will be asked to be interviewed on one occasion for about 2 hours. The interview will involve discussing (in text, voice or face to face) your experiences as an Atheist and how they have affected your life. With your agreement face to face interviews will be audio-taped and transcribed. The interview can take place anywhere that you feel comfortable to talk, such as in your home or other favourite location or online (e.g. Skype or e-mail).


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