Donors Choose Challenge At Freethought Blogs

This is the first time I’ve been part of a blogging network that took part in something like Donors Choose – and yes, there’s a number of us at FreeThought Blogs who are involved! Here’s the FreeThought Blog Leaderboard for science blogging, so you can see how the team is going.

I was entertained by Digital Cuttlefish’s verse on the matter (as always):

So please join with me, and this atheist squad
(though your money’s still good if you worship a god,
Or an idol, a tree, or a cephalopod—
There’s really no way you can lose).

But Stephanie Zvan of ‘Almost Diamonds’ has some food for thought on the matter as well:

We should be funding education and poverty relief such that no teacher ever has to come to us and beg for our help. It isn’t just human and decent and all that, but it’s one of the smartest uses to which we can put our money. Asking most people to be smart, however, is apparently some kind of inhumane imposition. At least Donors Choose is here, and at least there are people like the readers of FreeThought Blogs who understand the value of an education.

At any rate, this is all part of the power of a site to make a difference and I know that all of us would appreciate your support for the students out there. The students, of course, will appreciate you even more. Take part and click on the Donors Choose boxes that feature on the right side of the FreeThought Blogs.

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