From 40 Days Of Treats – UN States Told They Must Legalise Abortion

Subscribers to the Token Skeptic podcast would have caught up with the 40 Days of Treats campaign – and if you haven’t, do check out their site and the proactive strategies to support legalised abortion:

The idea behind the “Forty Days of Treats” is to show support by providing gifts of not only cakes and snacks, but also urging postcards and donations for the likes of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), whose offices are currently being targeted by the “Forty Days for Life” protesters. As the “40 Days of Treats” website explains: “A counter protest for forty days doesn’t seem right – why draw attention to them? Instead, let’s do something for the people who are probably most affected and could use the boost. Let’s give the nice people at BPAS Forty Days of Treats.”

What they also do on their official site is keep up to date with news items and events, as well as keep track of the support they’re giving to groups like Marie Stopes and BPAS. Today they mentioned this very newsworthy event – the UN have made it very plain that “all states should provide safe and legal abortion services for woman – as well as contraception. 

UN states told they must legalise abortion – A hard-hitting report from the UN special rapporteur on health as a human right says all states must provide safe abortion and contraception for women: The Guardian.

It will not make comfortable reading for the states, where 25% of the world’s population live, that turn a woman who desperately wants to end her pregnancy into a criminal, allowing abortion only in cases of rape, incest or where her life is at risk.” Member states of the UN general assembly – some of whom are prepared to prosecute and jail a woman who seeks an abortion – have been told in blunt terms by their own special rapporteur for health that they are infringing woman’s human rights.


This is not the rant of an NGO or a single-issue campaigner. Grover’s report is an official UN document. What will be interesting now is to see how many states feel they have to change their policies as a result of it.

In addition – if you’re a listener to ABC Radio’s Life Matters, you can hear the interview Liz Lutgendorff conducted with them as well. If you can, please send in a supportive comment to the website? Appears that the majority of comments are ones that completely miss the point…

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