Help PurpleFae Finish Up Her Frock Up For Frocktober!

Frocktober began in October 2007 when some friends in Geelong decided it was time to do something fun and quirky to raise funds for women’s health. We each donned a dress, went out to the pub, passed around a hat and raised $200. Frocktober was born. The Frocktober challenge is simple: to wear a dress to raise funds and awareness for ovarian cancer research.

I know that the FreeThought bloggers have been drumming up support for the Freethought Blogs Donors Challenge, but at heart I’m all about helping out friends and supporting local causes. The Melbourne SkeptiCamp today was a great success – and I’m going to be sending in my support to the forthcoming SurfCoast Summer SkeptiCamp that’s happening in January.

A great lady (and pretty much the most stylish person I know – check out the octopus print on this dress!) is just under $100 from completing her goal for Frocktober.

Jasmine, aka PurpleFae is an artist, an atheist, and she’s been participating in Frocktober –  a fundraising event for the Ovarian Cancer Foundation.

“For every day of October, I will wear a frock and blog about it (Yes, it takes dresses to make me blog)! So you will see a photo of me in a different frock for 31 days.”

If you want to help PurpleFae make her goal? More information about Frocktober and/or to throw in a few bucks, please head to her official donating page and send in your most stylish love for a great cause. 

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