Just For Laughs – UFO Prank

This is one of the things that my research looked into – the likelihood of UFOs having visited earth. Results? Not that much of a difference in comparison to international belief in aliens (for example, one survey reported a 15% belief in abduction by aliens out of a sample of 8000 in the UK, 1997).
Hopefully if firm evidence of alien contact DOES happen on the side of the road, people don’t get the giggles at the poor clucking, crashed creatures and their smoking spaceship…

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Behind The Scenes And At The Start Of Perth’s #FringeWorld
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  • F

    Oh, that’s just awful. I love it.

    Make me wonder what the people actually saw.

    • Kylie Sturgess

      Some of the ‘Just For Laughs’ videos are great. There’s one with a cut-out-car illusion, that disappears when the minders turn their back for a second – brilliant! :D

      • Rick Pikul

        There’s a better version of that:

        Man dressed as a highway worker flags down passing motorist, gets the driver to act as a warning for the flipped car partly hidden by a corner while he nips into a porta-potty for a sec.

        Along comes a cop who asks why the person is there with a warning vest and a flag.

        As the victim turns around to point out the wreck, he discovers it’s gone. Upon turning back, so is the porta-potty.

  • pjevs

    This is so funny watching it on video.In real live,I w’d have been scared out of my pants.BTW,welcome to ftb blogs Kylie.Greetings from Denmark.