Late Thursday Links – Singh Asks Sally To Prove It And Talking Science To Kids

Late Thursday Links – Because I’m Waiting For My Pizza To Arrive And This Passes The Time And Besides, Digital Cuttlefish Needs A Kitteh And A Hug:

“Oskar the Blind Kitten Versus Hair Dryer – Epic Cat Battle”

Report from the Nigerian Humanist Convention – Graham writes:

It was inspiring to be in the presence of so many Nigerian thinkers as the only non-Nigerian and to be the only foreigner ever to present the Humanist Day Talk. The comradeship, love, care, solidarity and support I experienced were a real demonstration of the principles of humanism.

Forty-Days Of Treats!  Day 16: Double Treats! “Only 24 days left to participate in this goodwill campaign.  We still continue to get lots of support from organizations and regular folks as well.” Interview with Liz Lutgendorff over on the podcast too.

Remember how I blogged about a Token Skeptic podcast interview with Project Barnum founder Hayley Stevens? Now out on The Guardian: We’re giving Sally Morgan the chance to prove her psychic powers – Simon Singh explains why he hopes psychic Sally Morgan will take up an offer to demonstrate her powers in a scientific test.

More worrisome news… Saudi Arabia’s religious police arrested an Indonesian housemaid for casting a magic spell on a local family and “turning its life upside down,” a newspaper in the Gulf Kingdom reported on Tuesday.

Having a great science conversation with a kid – discussion on applying Daniel Loxton’s fantastic new book to learning science:

What makes a great science book for kids? Scientific accuracy is certainly important but on its own it isn’t enough. Great books are also fun to read, but they are more than that too. The best children’s books spark imagination and understanding. They take the reader, adult and child, somewhere else. They lead kids to ask more questions, to seek more information, to try something out and see what happens. Great science books make for great conversations.

Daniel Loxton’s Ankylosaur Attack, illustrated with Jim W.W. Smith, is one of those books. It is carefully researched and fun to read but as a whole package it is truly a conversation piece.

Highly recommended and hope you enjoy the rest of the day, Digital Cuttlefish! 🙂

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