Monday Morning Muse – Taking A Break From Reality

Monday Morning Muse – Because Even When I Can’t See Straight Or Breathe Without Chemicals, I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead.

I’m still unwell. I know, I know – I should be offline and working on getting better. Remember the old days? Didn’t matter if you were missing a leg, it was more important to get the job done:

“What if you were sleeping?” I had stupidly asked.
“So get up and answer it,” she’d answered while filing down a scraggly nail.
“Sitting down to a really fancy meal?”
“Be like every other New Yorker and talk at the dinner table.”
“Getting a pelvic exam?”
“They’re not looking in your ears, are they?” All right then. I got it. –
L.Weisberger, The Devil Wears Prada.

Then H1N1 arrived and now everyone yells at you to stay in quarantine and stop being such a selfish Typhoid Mary-style martyr. Oh god I’m an awful person.

Here’s my fill-in post for what will be a hopefully quiet day but still a busy one.

Tuesday. I’ll relax Tuesday. Perhaps. Here, be inspired:

“Creativity isn’t magic. Part three of this four-part series explores how innovations truly happen.”

Everything is a Remix Part 3 from Kirby Ferguson.

This stop-motion animation in Sao Paulo was created by 25 animators over a five month period and incorporates 350,000 post-it notes, 30,000 of which were love notes written by spectators in the gallery.

Finally – Words. By Everynone.

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