Monday Morning Muse – The Behind-The-Scenes At The Museum Ninja Edition

Monday Morning Muse – Because This Light-Headed Feeling Must Be Good For Something Other Than Looking at A Photo Of A Cat And Going Nyaaaaaaaaannnnnnn.

But first, let us hail the ninja. Long live the ninja. The full report can be found on the website:

Thinks that got me thinging? Or something like that. My brain, it went pop:

ALL HALLOW’S READ on All Hallow’s Eve – the author Neil Gaiman has created a new tradition: give scary books out to kids on Halloween. I am ALL for it. Even though Derek and Swoopy scared the crap out of me last Dragon*Con by showing me Pat the Zombie: A Cruel (Adult) Spoof.

Oil Springs of Catan explores the tragedy of the commons

Guest posts by Sharon Hill: Playing “Scientist”: How The Public Is Misled By Paranormal Investigators and Picking Apart Amateur Research And Investigation Groups

On i09: “Nathan Fillion just tweeted a link, which announces the conclusion of principal photography on Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing, an adaptation of the Shakespeare play. Is this a prank? A short film? Or did Whedon really find time to film another movie in the midst of working on The Avengers?”

Things that are happening in my town (Perth) that will get both your science cred and inspiration going? Notice – ONE DAY left to register for the museum tour!

The Australian Science Communicators WA Branch and the Western Australian Museum would like to invite you to a tour of WA Museum Collection and Resource Centre at Welshpool. The event will include an overview of the WA Museum and its science program by Di Jones, Executive Director, Collections and Research. Participants will then go on a tour of the Collection and Resource Centre (CRC) with Mark Harvey (Head of Terrestrial Zoology), Alex Bevan (Head of Earth & Planetary Sciences) and Jane Fromont (Head of Aquatic Zoology).

When: Tuesday 25 October
Time: 4.30pm – 5.45pm
Where: WA Museum, Kew Street, Welshpool (corner of Orrong Road and Leach Hwy)
Cost: non-members of the ASC – sign up at

Book Club Meetup in Perth for a discussion about The Demon-Haunted World – join the Perth Skeptics as it’s on the Friday, November 4, 2011, 6:30 PM (further details for members of the site).

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