Send The Secular Student Alliance Some Reddit And Facebook Love!

Okay, I’m going to make it very plain:

So, there you go. Nyah.

Seriously though, the Secular Student Alliance Facebook page got a TREMENDOUS amount of Reddit love (a popular social networking site) in a short space of time (about gone from 6.5k to over 13k in nine hours) and they’d appreciate the recognition and support from everyone out there – even if you’re not currently a university/college student like I am, you can still zip in a click to the Facebook page or ‘upvote’ the Reddit link (again, as simple as a click!).

By the way… there’s going to be a special announcement later today, so you better join their Facebook page to find out what it’s going to be!

My reason? Well, I was the winner of the Best Individual Activist Award from the Secular Student Alliance earlier in the year, and it is thanks to groups like this that there’s recognition and support for individuals and groups world-wide, for the promotion and awareness of secular causes and events.

It was only when I was writing my application for that award that I realised how committed and supportive I was of activism, and how much time I put into the ‘work’ that isn’t part of my work – having the SSA recognise and reward me for the effort was one of the most wonderful things that has happened this year and I know that they put in as much support as they can for all the groups out there.

I even made an acceptance video for my long-distance thanks!

So please, zip in your ‘LIKE’ for their Facebook page and up-vote the Reddit link – and if you’re a student, please join them and help a great group continue their work.

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