Sunday Morning Survey – ‘Impose Atheism Or Let Children Make Their Own Choice?’

Sunday Morning Survey – ‘Impose Atheism Or Let Children Make Their Own Choice?’ October 9, 2011

Sunday Morning Survey – Because Anything That Gets My Brain Moving Again After Conducting A Podcast Interview At 12am After Doing A Shift At A Science Museum Is Technically A Good Thing.

This, of course, stems from a debate that started up on the fabulous AFA forum-board about the TV show Dexter and this clip from the first episode of the new series.

Mind, the brief debate actually revolved around ‘Is it wrong to want to shag a serial killer?’ after watching this clip, but I’d like to keep this discussion on a slightly less eyebrow-raising platform if I can… mind, Gregory Greenwood has already done a thought-provoking summary on how having a character who is both a father AND a serial killer when taking an atheist stance is hardly the kind of role model we should be admiring.f a downer too. :/

Which happens to be – do you think that it’s right to impose atheism or is it better to allow children to make their own choice about religious beliefs?

I’ve already had a run-in with someone on a forum board who vehemently said the former was preferable… which then led me to ask ‘Then how do you do that? How do you justify it and how do the kids then behave?’

Of course, if the latter is the answer – then what do you think constitutes a well-rounded education to enable a young person to make up their own mind?


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