Wednesday’s Links Of Love – Sisters Are Doing It (Science And Secular)

Wednesday Morning Links Of Love: Because Everyone Needs A RSS-cit With Their Morning Coffee. If you have a link, tweet it to my Twitter account at TokenSkeptic!

From Alom Shaha, on Twitter – Jo Marchant on Guardian ScienceBlogs:

Why are so few popular science books written by women? There are plenty of women writing about science, but their names rarely make it onto bookshelves or into the shortlist of the Royal Society’s science book prize.

From Leslie Cannold, on Twitter – great book review of The Book Of Rachael and interview from Insights Magazine:

An Australian author reworks the gospel stories to put women centre-stage and observe the need for people to contribute to something larger than themselves.

News for Scott Sigler fans, from Facebook: This morning I start writing THE MVP, Book IV in the GFL series. I have the schedule in from Commissioner Rob Froese, using that to plot the chapters of the book. Could be a big year for Quentin and the Ionath Krakens.

My FAVORITE – from Skeptical Inquirer on Twitter – Fox News with Russian and US Scientists Gather to Hunt Down Yeti

Scientists from several countries, including Russia and the U.S., will gather in the Kemerova region of Siberia to hunt down the Yeti, after alleged sightings of the legendary creatures increased threefold in the area over the past 20 years.

From Salon – a story like an Italian Absurdist Circus, where Fellini meets Nero’s judicial system, on phencyclidine:

Amanda Knox’s perverse luck Her trial made Italian justice look cartoonish — but she should be glad her appeal wasn’t heard in the U.S.

Finally – the Good Without God Non-Prophet’s Kickball Team:

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  • John Morales

    From your link to Insights Magazine:

    “When you don’t have faith,” she [Leslie Cannold] has said, “you have to come up with a reason why you’re here on the planet.
    She said, “I think one of the essential projects in life is to try to find meaning for yourself.


    (I’ve never felt either need, and I certainly lack faith*)

    * Of the religious variety.

    • Kylie Sturgess

      I don’t see ‘meaning of life’ a particularly religious-based question. I think (and it’s just my opinion – you can ask her yourself via Twitter, where she’s very active, for example) that she’s making a statement against one of the claims that I often see thrown at non-religious people: that their lives are meaningless. Satre investigated the notion of making life meaningful, which very much excluded god.

      • John Morales

        Ah, I didn’t intend to imply that I think she’s religious (or even faitheist) — it just irks me when people don’t quantify the scope of their claims.

        I don’t dispute that many (maybe even most) people do feel the need to have ‘purpose’ or ‘meaning’ to their existence, and furthermore that many people therefore seek to find or create such. I’m not one of those.

        (BTW, meaningless to who?
        Without a referent, that claim reeks of teleology, indeed of mysticism)

        • Kylie Sturgess

          Yes – I also wonder if, since it’s an interview, she did clarify further but it didn’t make it into the article? It might well be worth seeing if she can elaborate further, perhaps on her blog? Perhaps as both an ethicist and an artist, she finds meaning for herself in creating work? I’ve never raised it with her.

          • John Morales

            I also wonder if, since it’s an interview, she did clarify further but it didn’t make it into the article?

            Quite possibly; she might well have done so, and if so, I am doing her an injustice, for which the magazine would bear more blame than I, since I read the entire piece before commenting on it.

          • Kylie Sturgess

            I’d like to hear more from her on this. I’ll send her a Tweet! :)