Wednesday’s Links Of Love – This Stephen Fry Walked Into Embiggen Bookshop…

Wednesday’s Links Of Love – Because I Just Got A Cat To The Vet And There Was Nothing Wrong Except For The Effort Of Getting A Cat To The Vet, So Here’s Some Links To Recover From That Experience.

Cat’s okay, in case you were wondering. Just rather miffed that he got put into a box.

Anyway. I was chatting to a friend on Google+ today (which considering my earlier grumbles about it’s very existence with the post To Google + Or Not To Google +?, I’m fairly convinced that their chats are a determined effort to try to make me embrace the bloody thing whole-heartedly – but I’m only interested in hanging out with them, so yah boo fail in their southerly-direction).

One of the things that we were chatting about involved raising funds for causes – charities, events, travel scholarships – I mentioned seeing ScienceOnline 2012 being advertised and possibly fundraising to go to that.

Since the economy in the US (and financial situation of most people) isn’t the best, I’m loathe to ask for donations if it just isn’t feasible. Instead, I’ll post a link to the donations to the Token Skeptic podcast in the sidebar (t-shirts, magnets, all that!) and have updated my Amazon booklist. Perhaps I can use future donations to get to TAM10 instead.

But more importantly? Links for today!

YES STEPHEN FRY WENT TO EMBIGGEN BOOKSHOP WAHHHHHHHH!! All the illustrations today are going to be Embiggen-Books-related.

The Occupy London Movement has received a nice gift in the form of a sculpture from none other than artist Banksy it seems. The artist presents his take on the Monopoly game with Uncle Pennybags looking for a handout.

It’s been pun-tastic over at the AFA forum boards, after discovering this news item: 2.6 Tonne Church Bell Stolen

Made up of 80 percent copper and 20 percent tin, the bell would fetch close to $75,000 if melted down. Despite it being a prominent feature of the church’s landscape, parishioners were initially unaware it was missing.

“Nobody can swear on a Bible and say the last time they saw the bell,” police Inspector Brian Danker told the Chronicle.

(Yes, I’m snorfling here – “If anyone finds it, please give the police a ring…”)

Embiggen Bookstore’s next booklaunch is by Max Barry! Click on the picture to RSVP to the Facebook page:

Come and meet Max Barry next Saturday at 3.00pm who’ll be reading from and sign his latest work, Machine Man. Oh yes and it’s brilliant!

Comedian and Magician Simon Taylor is coming to Perth! The Perth Skeptics and Perth Atheists are doing a get-together on Thursday 4th, but here are the dates of his gigs:

1st Nov: MC at Shapiro Tuesdays – Brisbane Hotel, Highgate
2nd Nov: Stand-up at Laugh Resort Comedy Club- Brass Monkey, Northbridge
3rd Nov: Stand-up at Comedy Lounge, The Charles Hotel, North Perth
4th Nov: Stand-up at Lazy Susan’s Comedy Den, Brisbane Hotel, Perth
5th Nov: Stand-up at Comedy Lounge, The Charles Hotel, North Perth

Finally – from the LA Times: The research department at Japan’s Ministry of Defense has developed what it calls “the world’s first spherical flying machine” that can hover like a helicopter and fly in all directions.

The operator, who remotely controls the aircraft, gives it a few smacks and it still stays afloat — thanks to onboard gyroscopes. According to the video report, the machine weighs less than a pound, or about 12 ounces, and is made completely of off-the-shelf parts. The cost? $1,400.

At the end of the video, the narrator says the gadget was made for rescue and reconnaissance. “As it can take off and land anywhere, it’s hoped that this machine will be able to reach places that were hard to access by air before.”

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