Additional Sunday Morning Survey – What’s Your #FeministWishList?

It started with Gia Milinovich on Twitter:

Along with ‘no more rape threats online’ the following are a few little things from my #FeministWishList Add yours.

Some of the highlights I’ve spotted include:

#FeministWishList Please, don’t try to speak for me, whether or not you feel I’ve made my point the way you would make it. – PenguinGalaxy (who has several great ones)

#feministwishlist for people to understand that feminism helps men and boys too – TrishLowdt

#FeministWishList Before writing my anger off to hormones, please think if you might’ve *actually done something to incur my anger* – Minimal23

To not be accused of calling all men sexist when simply pointing out that something is sexist #feministwishlist – JessicaBateman

My actions and contributions are noted because they are useful or insightful, and not because I’m cute. #feministWishList – HayleyStevens

To be able to disagree with people with about being called “hysterical” or told to “calm down” #FeministWishList – DawnHFoster

Please don’t judge how I do my job on the basis of my looks, how I dress, or how old I am. #FeministWishList– JennyLandreth

For men to stop asking me to “explain women” to them. #FeministWishList – CAwkward

Please let inclusive language become a habit w/o a lot of fanfare. Language is directive, not just reflective. #FeministWishList – 49Susans

An end to the use of ‘woman’ ‘gay’ and ‘girl’ as insults #FeministWishList – ViragoTweets.

To have absolute freedom of movement, day or night, alone or in company, whatever I am wearing, however drunk I am #FeministWishList – Beckypants

#FeministWishList: if I make a mistake, it’s because I’m human. To err is HUMAN. Not WOMAN. – Ampersandhearts


An end to men encouraging women to be against other women and hindering opportunities for progress. #feministwishlist

And because HayleyStevens said it so much better than I:

Nobody accepting sexist behaviour from an authority figure simply because they can gain something from not speaking out #feministwishlist

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