Additional Sunday Morning Survey – What’s Your #FeministWishList?

It started with Gia Milinovich on Twitter:

Along with ‘no more rape threats online’ the following are a few little things from my #FeministWishList Add yours.

Some of the highlights I’ve spotted include:

#FeministWishList Please, don’t try to speak for me, whether or not you feel I’ve made my point the way you would make it. – PenguinGalaxy (who has several great ones)

#feministwishlist for people to understand that feminism helps men and boys too – TrishLowdt

#FeministWishList Before writing my anger off to hormones, please think if you might’ve *actually done something to incur my anger* – Minimal23

To not be accused of calling all men sexist when simply pointing out that something is sexist #feministwishlist - JessicaBateman

My actions and contributions are noted because they are useful or insightful, and not because I’m cute. #feministWishList - HayleyStevens

To be able to disagree with people with about being called “hysterical” or told to “calm down” #FeministWishList - DawnHFoster

Please don’t judge how I do my job on the basis of my looks, how I dress, or how old I am. #FeministWishList- JennyLandreth

For men to stop asking me to “explain women” to them. #FeministWishList - CAwkward

Please let inclusive language become a habit w/o a lot of fanfare. Language is directive, not just reflective. #FeministWishList - 49Susans

An end to the use of ‘woman’ ‘gay’ and ‘girl’ as insults #FeministWishList - ViragoTweets.

To have absolute freedom of movement, day or night, alone or in company, whatever I am wearing, however drunk I am #FeministWishList - Beckypants

#FeministWishList: if I make a mistake, it’s because I’m human. To err is HUMAN. Not WOMAN. – Ampersandhearts


An end to men encouraging women to be against other women and hindering opportunities for progress. #feministwishlist

And because HayleyStevens said it so much better than I:

Nobody accepting sexist behaviour from an authority figure simply because they can gain something from not speaking out #feministwishlist

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Kylie Sturgess is a Philosophy teacher, media and psychology student, blogger at Patheos and podcaster at Token Skeptic. She has conducted over a hundred interviews including artists, scientists, politicians and activists, worldwide.
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  • Paul Caggegi

    Im a guy raised by a feminist. The thing my mother taught me was to be self-sufficient. My marriage is a partnership. W split household duties, and we support each othe in everything we do. The most important thn is equality. Sexism, gender bias, and descrimination can easily swing th other way, and that is just as wrong. I’m sorry to say I’ve experienced sexism against me – if you define it as discrimination or bias based on gender. In context, it’s because I grew up when “equality” seemed to mean “let’s put a skirt on a guy and see if he likes it” which is damaging, demeaning and hurtful, all the same.

    I’m happy to say that Being a father of a little girl, I wish to raise her knowing she can do anything, period. Not in spite – or because – she’s a girl, but because she’s a person.

    I support this hash tag, and have made it a column on my twitter feed. Thanks Kylie for bringing attention to it.

  • WMDKitty

    How about for the police to stop treating battered women as “hysterical”? Or, you know, for the cops to start taking us seriously…

    Every single time I dealt with the police, in regards to my abuser, I was brushed off, treated like a little girl, or had it implied that if I were to “stop pushing his buttons” and “be a good little wife” the abuse wouldn’t happen.

  • Sharon

    My fave of the above is definitely in arguing that feminism benefits men and boys as well as women.

  • hoverfrog

    For far too many men and women to understand that feminism is about equality, not about dominance.

  • Brian Gregory

    “To have absolute freedom of movement, day or night, alone or in company, whatever I am wearing, however drunk I am” – I am a male heterosexual and I don’t have this. Of course, It’s more likely that I’ll be assaulted than raped.

    Anyway, I’d completely agree with this list. Most of them are what I’d understand as basic respect. Unfortunately, the world is full of people who aren’t interested in respecting others.

  • The Ys

    For people to stop equating feminism with misandry instead of a genuine desire to be seen as and treated as equals.

    • Kylie Sturgess

      [Unrelated - you have a blog! Will add you to the blogroll. :) ]

      • The Ys

        [To Kylie and also unrelated - I started off with some ranting but I'm working on a few in-depth pieces now. :)]

  • daenyx

    To be able to address sexism issues within my skeptic/gamer subculture without being condescended to or reviled by men I used to think were decent people.

  • Nomajic

    To not need to dress in an unflattering manner to be taken seriously at work.

  • Nomajic

    Oh, and to never have to explain to my 1 year old daughter that the stuffed animals with stupid pink bows stapled to their heads are intended to be girls, while the plain animals are meant to be boys.

    And to be able to shop for tools in Menards without having to pass by a “Ladies Tool Set” that is basically a hobby quality set of hand tools with pink handles. “yeah, never mind on the Pass-load pneumatic framing nailer, I’ll just take this pink, 4 oz. hammer with visible molding seams”.