Break For The End Of November/December

For the rest of the months – from today, November 11th to December 5th – I won’t be writing blog-posts.

Things are too busy and I’m starting to crack under the weight of things. To the point that I’m doing stupid things and so forth. I can’t see the point of doing that to myself and others, and so I’m prioritising. No internet. It’s just not helping me and I can’t see it helping out things that are getting to me.

Content will still appear every day, but it’ll be content that I’ve written ahead of time. The Token Skeptic podcast, however, will continue to produce episodes. Head to to find out more.

Some of the posts that appear will be essays, some will be articles or videos and some will just be reflections upon that particular day and why it is significant for some reason or another (such as a short note). You’ll be able to see a header on the top of every blog-post, indicating it’s a break, as well as the category ‘Break‘ being used.

[Categories? Yes, that’s how I organise the blog – use the little pull down menu at the very end of the sidebar on the right-hand side. There’s also the Tweet-feed and similar things stored in that sidebar.]

Thanks for your understanding and please continue to read and subscribe to the blog. It’s greatly appreciated.

As for the podcast? As I said – still going! Go check it out! :)


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