From #NoOn26 Defeat (‘Personhood’ Amendment in Mississippi) To 40 Days Of Treats

A little oversight on my part (sorry! But it doesn’t mean you need to stop supporting!) – but The Forty Days of Treats finished at the start of this week with a rather relevant reminder:

Here’s [Twitter] links to all the organizations that I blogged about during these 40 days – 

BPAS (@Clare_BPAS)
Marie Stopes (@MarieStopes)
Education for Choice (@EdForChoice)
FPA (@FPACharity)
Abortion Rights  (@Abortion_Rights)
Abortion Support Network (@AbortionSupport) 
Antenatal Results and Choices (@ARCantenatal)

If anyone sees other vigils and protests outside abortion providers let us know, so we know to aim the treats and message of support.  I was so pleased to have a little part in raising awareness, funds and spirits for such an important and invaluable service.  Let’s make sure our rights stay safe and expand those same rights to those who don’t have them yet 🙂

And as reiterated by Shelby Knox on Twitter, that despite the fantastic news that the ‘Personhood’ Amendment in Mississippi didn’t go through (in fact, you can read what it threatened to do via Digital Cuttlefish):

“Keep in mind there is still only one abortion clinic in the entire state of Mississippi”. 

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