It’s Time – Sign The Petition To End Marriage Discrimination In Australia

And if you think there should be unity on some issues? Start here.

We’ve removed discrimination from our hearts — now it’s time to remove it from our laws. Sign the petition to end marriage discrimination. We’ll deliver it to the ALP National Conference next weekend, where the Labor Party will decide on their stance to ending marriage discrimination.


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  • Aratina Cage

    Yes, please! And what a wonderful through-our-eyes video. It’s spot on.

  • =8)-DX

    Inspiring video – that’s the idea that all gay campaigns should champion – we’re all the same no matter the gender, no matter the sexual orientation.

    I did get a bit of an unpleasant feeling watching this though – It’s difficult for me to self-identify with a gay man and his partner, especially since their lovely romantic life looks exactly like what I wanted to have, but failed. Plus Australia just has beautiful outdoors… Envy!