#MenCallMeThings – The Feminist Twitter Revolution Continues

I honestly don’t have time to blog today. I’m either going to hide in a corner of the house with the grading/reporting I NEED to get done – either  that, or I’m going to go to the university library with a surreptitious cappuccino-intravenous drip and plow through all this work in one fiery hit of bristling virtue.

Yeah, yeah. “You wish,” I know. I’ll stay offline for the next forty-eight hours though, until it’s done. Go check out the podcast, should be bloomin’ well uploaded by now. Better yet – check out my Best Of The Token Skeptic Podcast if you want thirty minutes of ‘What is she on about?

[Oh – quick addition – NPR has just reported on warning people about anti-vaccination trends / biohazards in the mail posing as healthy ideas for kids: What Not To Buy Online: Lollipops Laced With Chickenpox – thanks, DJ Grothe!]

In the meantime, Tiger Beatdown: Why Are You In Such A Bad Mood? #MenCallMeThings Responds!

To you, my friends, I say: Fuck that noise. All of this matters. A hostile work environment matters. Being afraid of your own in-box matters. Deleting your blog because that’s the only way for you to have a normal, non-hate-filled life matters. “Accepting” that continual, virulent, hateful misogynist abuse is a pre-condition for being a lady who talks about thing, or for challenging sexism in any way, no matter who you are: That matters. And if you think we’re fragile, well. LET US COUNT THE WAYS we have hacked it, under conditions your pampered manly self just cannot imagine. LET US DEMONSTRATE FOR YOU the shit we wade through, every day, in order to talk about whether or not we liked that one “Community” episode or Lady GaGa album. LET US JUST TELL YOU what we put up with, what we’ve been strong enough to endure, and even knowingly court; the given consequences we face for being anti-sexist and/or ladies on the Internet, which we’ve all put up with, without crumbling. And then you can decide whether we’re wimps or not.

Hence, #MenCallMeThings. (Cf. “Men Explain Things To Me,” a Top Ten Lady Essay of All Time.) A Twitter hashtag, because you know I love the hashtags, dedicated to listing the names we’ve all been called. Featuring such Top 10 Hits as!

Go read. Better yet, feel free to add to the voices on Twitter, as not all the things we’re called are negative or completely dismissive (thank hades for that…).

I’ll see you later on Wednesday evening, if I manage to get my ‘Wednesday Links’ regular blog-post done. Nothing guaranteed though.

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