Monday Morning Muse – Mostly Mouse. And Marie Curie. AND MARIAN CALL!!

Monday Morning Muse – Because I Have To Have Somewhere To Post All These Photos.

First of all – Marian Call interview out on the Token Skeptic podcast today! As soon as I’ve wrangled Libsyn to upload the audio, that is. So, expect that to be in about two hours. Once this cup of tea has kicked in. Here’s some of the transcript:

Kylie Sturgess:  For people who aren’t familiar with your music, I try to find a way to describe it, and it’s kind of a difficult style to pin down. Then you Tweeted something about how someone said your work was “Django Death Metal Typewriter Jane Austen Music.” I thought… Wow. That’s fantastic

Marian Call:  I think some of the time it’s accurate. I tend to mesh very unlike styles and very unlike topics. In that case, it was my guitarist complaining about all the many different styles I was asking him to play at the same time: “Yes, like that. Like jazz, but with more power chords, like pretend it’s Black Sabbath. Don’t forget this is about Jane Austen, so it has to be kind of springy and light, a little bit…” and he was just cracking up.

Kylie:  And the typewriter is great.

Marian:  Yes, there’s quite a few mixed styles. I think the new record is, I guess you could call it “Indie Pop,” or “Indie Fusion Acoustic Pop,” or something like that, but really the nice thing about being able to toss the word “Indie” in there is that it saves you from having to explain too much. Because I think people are coming to expect that genres are more fluid than they used to be. It is difficult to describe, but I think it’s sort of acoustic… Oh, bother. I don’t know! I had a lot of practice describing my older albums, but not this new one, so I’ll have to work on it!

Marian ALSO (apart from the new album that we talk about on the show) has new posters! Artwork by Craig Updegrove and jawboneradio, which are on sale now through to Nov 10th at, at $17 each.

A few other art-and-communication related links:
The Man Who Made the Title Sequence Into a Film Star – The NYTimes on Saul Bass.
Ask TON: Dumb questions – From the Open Notebook: ‘I’ve heard people say it’s important not to be afraid to ask “dumb” questions. What is your favorite “dumb” interview question when interviewing scientists? What has gotten you the most useful results?’
Ridley Scott. Bladerunner Sequel. WAHHH.
Can you guess the medium used to create these art pieces? From i09.

While we’re talking transcripts – you can now read the interview I conducted with Project Barnum’s Hayley Stevens, over on the CSICOP website’s Curiouser and Curiouser column! From Ghost-Believing to Ghost-Busting with Project Barnum: Interview with Hayley Stevens:

Sturgess: What was the original idea behind Project Barnum?

Stevens: I work in the theater industry, and it gave me another kind of perspective on what was happening with psychic stage shows. I had this idea that perhaps the best way was not just challenging the psychics or the audience alone, but targeting the venues that make it possible for psychics to perform there.

 Head to the CSICOP website’s Curiouser and Curiouser column to read more!

As you can see from the screenshot, RI_Aus is celebrating Marie Curie’s Birthday (they happen to be an incredibly cool science non-profit institution),plus they’re doing a networking luncheon with inspirational women in the fields of Innovation and Technology this Wednesday, 9th November in Adelaide.

They mentioned giving away tickets to two students on Twitter, so do subscribe to their Twitter account and see what else they have planned for the year.

Finally – The Bloggess has a book out! Soonish. It’s on pre-order. Well, she talks about it here: Let’s Pretend This Never Happened.

Go read it. It contains mouse:

‘The man sitting next to me on the plane just suggested that my dead mouse might be more comfortable in my purse.  I explained that Hamlet von Schnitzel has severe claustrophobia.  Then my seat-mate stared at the mouse skull in Hamlet’s tiny mouse paw and I explained: “He’s an aspiring actor.  We’re going to New York for head-shots.”  And then the guy put on his headphones and refused to speak to me.  It was a good choice.’



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