Oh Dear. AVN Being Investigated After Touring My State?

I don’t know if you can see the article (thanks to the Facebook group Stop the AVN) – but here’s how it starts.

Consumer Protection is investigating whether an anti-vaccination group breached charity laws by seeking donations at a series of meetings in WA in the past two weeks.

The NSW-based AVN held public forums in Perth, Busselton, Jurien Bay and Geraldton, charging $15 and giving out brochures asking people to donate to the group.


Like this one that kate picked up during the AVN tour of Perth, you mean? The one that I’m she’s holding?

Meryl came across as being very, very close to livid. The recent news article in the West Australian, the Prime Minister’s announcement that there was 50 million dollars being pledged to eliminate polio. Doesn’t anyone care for the children?? These were talks very similar to ones done before: You get better community protection if you don’t vaccinate for a disease – you won’t find evidence that lack of vaccination is harmful if you are not looking and she says the government isn’t looking. Have you considered alternatives? Do you know your rights? What are the risks and do you realise you can be a conscientious objector in these ways?

I think that the recent news reports and international (and now national) efforts to raise awareness of the need to vaccinate where possible have shaken the AVN’s efforts. 

Oh dear.

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  • http://sharon-theawfultruth.blogspot.com Sharon

    One of those time when I feel OK with my schadenfreude.

    • Lisa


  • http://thinkingisreal.blogspot.com/ Andy

    Oh beautiful day! It just gets better and better for them. After all these investigations, I’m sure they can only come out a better, stronger organisation :)

    Just one thing…

    I think “you won’t find evidence that lack of vaccination is harmful if you are not looking” should be…

    “you won’t find evidence that vaccination is harmful if you are not looking…

  • http://blog.anarchic-teapot.net anarchic teapot

    If they do get done for fraud, then they’ll just scream repression and martyrdom, but it would still be a start to decredibilising their ‘movement’ and all the lies they spread.

  • captainahags

    Looks like an antivax troll making the rounds. . . I think what she wrote was accurate, since no legitimate scientific study has ever found that the risks due to vaccines (and yes, contrary to what antivaxers often claim, those in support of responsible health policy do admit that there are risks to them, because there are SLIGHT risks) are greater than the protection against potentially deadly diseases. You know what I find very telling about the antivax movement? The fact that there are very few, if any, notable members older than their forties or so. My theory on this? Anyone significantly older than that remembers the severity of childhood diseases that have since been all but eradicated by modern vaccine schedules.

    • http://sharon-theawfultruth.blogspot.com Sharon

      captainahags, that would seem like a reasonable proposition until you explore who the people at the top of the anti vax chain are. Barbara Loe Fisher and Vera Scheibner are two stalwarts of the movement in the US. They’d both be in their 60′s at least. Meryl Dorey here in Oz is also by appearance at least in her late 40”s. Then we have people such as Mike Adams, he’d be over 40, and Dr Mercola, over 40 again. The list goes on and on.

      I think this speaks to a more complex pathology. These people have completely over estimating their intellect and power of reasoning. They are ‘someone’ in the anti vax movement. There is a sense of purpose and meaning they get from their cause that goes beyond the level headed or rational. I believe the name for it is the Dunning-Kruger effect.

  • http://realmenlovescience.blogspot.com Shawn Porter

    Those places are in WA state? I’ve lived here for years and have never heard of those places, most likely because they wouldn’t have sold anything outside of the boonies!

    • Kylie Sturgess

      This is WA as in Western Australia, not WA, USA? Not sure if we’re talking about the same state!! :)